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Hey NRA! Stop Using Sexual Assault As a Way to Push Guns on Campus

The National Rifle Association has seized on to the epidemic of sexual assault as a way to build support for a dangerous idea: forcing colleges to allow guns on campus. The gun-rights group has been backing “campus carry” bills around the country. 

On Our Radar: Feminist News Roundup

Today we're reading a treasure trove of Beyoncé think-pieces, plus thoughts on Misty Copeland.

Which Companies Got Called Out for Sexist Super Bowl Ads?

Super Bowl 50, AKA the pre-and post-show for Beyoncé’s halftime performance, was culturally unavoidable. Of course, the Super Bowl is the biggest advertising platform of the year—and is often the domain of playing up tired cliches for laughs. This year, people called out sexism in the Super Bowl ads on the hashtag #NotBuyingIt.