Check Out This Free Activist Art Kit

Just in time for May Day protests, CultureStrike has put together a free activist art kit, full of a dozen stencil templates and banner templates you can put to good use.  Read more »

About the Cover: The Law & Order Issue

Fingerprints individualize us. While that thought is lovely from a scientific standpoint, it’s hard to forget that the state can use these unique marks against us. Read more »

About the Cover of Our (Re)Vision Issue

For the cover of Bitch’s winter issue, (Re)Vision, we dissected a kaleidoscope.  Read more »

When An Artist Says Simply, "Tell Me About Your Mother."

For weeks, a flat panel screen in Minneapolis’ Third Place Gallery showed projections from Allison Bollah’s video project Tell Me About Your Mother. There is no speech, no music or sound, merely images of people responding to the phrase “tell... Read more »

About the Cover: The Love/Lust Issue

The Love/Lust issue of Bitch debuts in early September. The cover is a direct play on the 1969 book cover for Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex (But Were Afraid to Ask), by David Reubens. Read more »

About the Cover: The Tough Issue

For the cover of the Tough issue, my love of eye candy met my hunger for a good metaphor. Read more »

Artist Ramiro Gomez Paints Invisible Workers into Wealthy Homes

The scene is familiar to any fancy home design magazine reader: the perfectly appointed living space full of gleaming surfaces, fluffed up pillows, artfully arranged flowers next to tasteful objets d’art. But painted in to this pristine domestic landscape is the woman who is actually responsible... Read more »

The Artist Behind the "Stop Telling Women to Smile" Street Art Has Big Plans This Week

On April 5, when you walk down your street, you may see women’s faces looking back at you from the walls you pass. Women whose gazes tell you they are: Defiant. Assertive. Proud. Strong. Brooklyn-based artist Tatyana Fazlalizadeh drew these women for her ... Read more »

Artist Takes on the Casual Racism of “Yellow Fever” in Eight Images

New York artist Donna Choi wanted to create a “weird, memorable way” to discuss fetishization of Asian women, so she put together a satirical series about how to... Read more »

Behind the Scenes: The Gray Issue's Amazing Technicolor Dreamcover

In the pages of our new fall issue, Gray, we celebrate the spectrum of thinking in the gray areas—where complex logic is key to understanding nuanced issues "from science to sports to smut," as we wrote in our call for pitches. What you see here is the... Read more »