BitchTapes: The Family Way

Singer-songwriter Laura Gibson writes close-up, intimate songs that capture the fleeting images, feelings and memories that make up a life. She was therefore the perfect choice to create a playlist about the intimacy of family ties, and her thoughtful selections paint a multi-faceted picture of some of the most complex relationships we humans can have.

This playlist appears in the Family Values issue of Bitch magazine. The print edition includes extended descriptions and context from Laura on each song.  

Track List:

1. Le Mystere des Voix Bulgares - "Stani Mi, Maytcho (Get Up, My Daughter)"

2. Alela Diane -  "Age Old Blue"

3. Damien Jurado - "Medication" from The Ghost of David

4. Julianna Barwick - "Adventurer of the Family"

5. The Innocence Mission - "Snow"

6.  Thao & the Get Down Stay Down - "Millionaire"

7. Nina Simone "The Family"

8. Daughter - "Mothers"

9. Elizabeth Cotten - "Mama, Nobody's Here but the Baby"

by Katie Presley
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Bitch Media's Music Editor. As heard on BBC, CBC, and NPR's All Songs Considered and, very occasionally, Pop Culture Happy Hour. I've always wanted to be a talking head in a feminist documentary or commercial, so if someone out there can make that dream a reality, I'm here for it.

This article was published in Family Values Issue #74 | Spring 2017

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