BitchTapes: From the Mouths of Babes

The late, great Aaliyah

Last week's mix celebrated women who have persisted, and have been making music for 25 years or more. The tables are turning this week. Our latest mix is full of artists who made these songs at or before the age of 21. Many of them went on to have lengthy and successful careers after these recordings, and some are still teenagers today. YOUTHS, am I right? (Seriously, though: young people are the actual coolest.) Would that all of our pre-21 offerings could have been this meaningful to global art and culture! Here's to the next wave of righteous babes. 

Track List

1. A Living Human Girl - The Regrettes

2. Great Skies - Smoosh

3. Petting Zoo - Charlie Belle

4. Both Hands - Ani DiFranco

5. Make you Feel My Love - Adele

6. Paper Thin - MC Lyye

7. Amy Amy Amy - Amy Winehouse

8. Dirty Gold - Angel Haze

9. Awakening - AURORA

10. Someday - Mariah Carey

11. Cherry Bomb - The Runaways

12. Where Did Our Love Go - The Supremes

13. Before the World Was Big - Girlpool

14. Jumpin' Jumpin - Destiny's Child

15. Sea Creatures - SOAK

16. Baby - Brandy

17. Devil We Know - Lily & Madeleine

18. Age Ain't Nothin' But a Number - Aaliyah

19. Too Little, Too Late - JoJo

20. My Love - Selena y Los Dinos

by Katie Presley
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Bitch Media's Music Editor. As heard on BBC, CBC, and NPR's All Songs Considered and, very occasionally, Pop Culture Happy Hour. I've always wanted to be a talking head in a feminist documentary or commercial, so if someone out there can make that dream a reality, I'm here for it.

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