New Music Monday: La Dame Blanche

Many artists prefer not to be described in terms of genres. La Dame Blanche straight up defies them. The Cuban singer and musician is as comfortable blending dancehall, reggae, hip-hop and cumbia as a painter is mixing paint. It's obvious listening that experimentation might as well be one of Yaite Ramos Rodriguez's instruments (she also plays the flute and percussion). This ease of exploration might come in some part from Rodriguez's upbringing; she's the daughter of the artistic director for The Buena Vista Social Club. An early life spent steeping in the cream of the crop of Brazilian musical superstars could easily lead to the career La Dame Blanche seems to be laying out for herself: one in which music is a means by which to both celebrate her roots and branch into new territory altogether. Her colorful new video, "Dos Caras," expounds on this idea of doing two things at once: the "dos caras," or two faces, are those that a woman wears at night and during the day. The song is mellow and compelling at the same time, and La Dame Blanche's show here at SXSW in Austin is likely to be much the same. 

La Dame Blanche's latest record, -2-, is out now.

by Katie Presley
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