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Your Film isn't "Transgressive," It's Transphobic

Michelle Rodriguez and Sigourney weaver star in a new film that's billed as "edgy" but is really just a bad idea.

Right to Work: Sex Workers in India Organize to Fight Discrimination

In Songachi, one of Asia's largest red-light districts, sex workers have been fighting for the rights of their community—as well those of sex workers across India—for several years.

BitchTapes: Fall For You

Autumn feels like a new, warm start to something better to come.

"No More Heroes": Jordan Flaherty’s New Book Excavates the Deep Roots of the White Savior Industrial Complex

Our capitalist system supports and rewards saviorism, which we can help uproot by supporting movements led by the people most impacted by the issues being addressed.

On Our Radar—Feminist News Roundup: #TeacherBae

More than just the general body shaming of women, the firestorm over #TeacherBae taps into an often overlooked form of racism.

Backtalk: Standing Rock & Murders by Police

Amy and Sarah talk about the legacy of white supremacy in environmental racism & police violence. 

Laughing at Death: How Maria Bamford’s “Lady Dynamite” Helped Me Deal With My Own Depression

The surreal show jokes about suicide and depression as a way to cope with their grim realities. 

Electric Youth : Eight Activists Who Are Sparking Change Right Now

Young activists, artists, and changemakers to look out for.

On Our Radar—Feminist News Roundup: Geniuses

Today we're reading about cars, justice, and Chelsea Manning.

The Kids Are Not All Right: Ideas for How Our Next President Should Fix Our Screwed Up Childcare System

Childcare is a reproductive justice issue. Right now, it's not affordable for many Americans. 

Five Trans-Centric Webcomics to Know and Love

More very cute genderqueer and trans comics, please and thank you!