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I'm Cautiously Excited About Star Trek's Plans for a Female Lead

The new show will center on a female lead. Will Star Trek get her right? 

Donald Trump: Harasser in Chief

This feels less like an election and more like an ongoing harassment campaign. 

Ask Bear: I Know My Boyfriend is Abusive. Why Can't I Leave?

That’s his game. To assert his power. To gain control.

On Our Radar: Feminist News Roundup: Good Behavior

Today we're reading about the Dakota Access pipeline, the Shame List, and Brock Turner.

English-Only Ballots Disenfranchise Millions of Voters. Now, There's a New Tool for Translation.

VoterVox links up non-English-speaking voters with volunteer translators. 

New Music Monday: Chhoti Maa

She's a powerful hip-hop artist with bruja swag. 

On Our Radar: Feminist News Roundup: "I was thinking about myself.”

Today we're reading about Judge Persky, Nate Parker, and White Lives Matter.

Off Brand: The Limits of Celebrity Feminism

The transformational feminism that’s required to really change the world is not going to happen in the marketplace.

Introducing Bitch's 13

Ocean's Eight wasn't enough, so with the help of the Bitch community, we created Bitch's 13.

BitchTapes: Self-Produced QTPOC Musicians

A mixtape of all queer and trans performers of color makin' DIY music. 

Backtalk: Ryan Lochte & Prison Reform

Boo Ryan Lochte! Yay prison reform!