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New Music Monday: Law Holt

A British artist whose debut album explores the loneliness of city life. 

On Our Radar: Feminist News Roundup: Truly baffling times

Today we're reading about Catholic doctrine, Zendaya, and Nate Parker.

New Book "Closer" Explores Important Ground: Women's Orgasms

A voyage through the "orgasmic frontier of female sexuality."

BitchTapes: Flight Lessons

A mixtape about taking flight, featuring Neko Case, Sia, Regina Spektor, and more. 

On Our Radar: Feminist News Roundup

Today we're reading about witches, Fea, and private prisons.

Popaganda: Designing for Democracy

Political observers often blame people for not voting. But we don't often stop to examine what barriers keep people from voting—or make them feel like it's not worthwhile. On this episode, we examine our democracy as a design problem—and explore what structural issues are built into our election laws that keep people from voting. We talk with Cayden Mak, an organizer Asian American...

#CripTheVote Shows the Need to Make Voting More Accessible for People With Disabilities

For many people with disabilities, there are huge barriers in getting to the polls—but they can be solved. 

French Mayors Just Banned the Burkini. The Country's Islamophobic History Shows Why

Women should be able to wear what they want to the beach. 

Eyes On the Prize: Donald Trump and the Need for Election Observers

If the Supreme Court and the DOJ won’t protect us, we’ll have to protect each other.

On Our Radar: Feminist News Roundup

Today we're reading about Kurt Metzger, Emily Dickinson, and incarceration.