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Three Things I Learned Talking to my Parents About Raising a Feminist Daughter

There were some hilarious misses, but so much of who I am and the things I value came from my parents making intentional choices to instill confidence, creativity, and curiosity in me.

The Fairy Tale that Won't Die: Beauty and the Beast : Disney Revives the Fantasy of Captivity and Monsters for Young Girls

Disney is poised to cash in on a new generation of girls who’ll want to be just like Belle.

On Our Radar—Feminist News Roundup: "Protect Children"

Today we're reading about Los Angeles, The Blaze, and Gorsuch.

Mallory Ortberg: Q&A

Since becoming the latest arbiter of life decisions at Slate’s Dear Prudence column about a year ago, hilarious writer, founder of the beloved and now-defunct feminist humor website The Toast, and unbelievably empathetic human Mallory Ortberg has been providing sensible, compassionate, and amusing feminist advice to the masses.

New Music Monday: Lizzo

Born in Houston, now based in Minneapolis, singer/dancer/world dominator Lizzo took Austin by storm during SXSW this year. As far as we're concerned, the world is her stage. All hail queen Lizzo!

On Our Radar—Feminist News Roundup: Transitioning in Trump's America

Today we're reading about SXSW, Rachel Maddow, and Trump's bad budget.

Reading Chimamanda Adichie Today: On Racism and transphobia in feminism

I had to wonder how Adichie’s recent responses to trans folks failed her own feminist politics in her new book, Dear Ijeawele.

BitchTapes: SXSW 2017 Wrap-up

From a festival of almost 2,500 bands, here are some of the best things we've seen at SXSW music festival this year. 

On Our Radar—Feminist News Roundup: "She Persisted" Will Be a Book

Today we're reading about books, McDonald's, and Chaffetz.

Heads Up, Media: Racism is Not a "Controversy": Is all this bad news lowering the bar?

Why are we seeing some of the most disturbing revelations of racism, xenophobia, and hate speech filed neatly away under the vague header of "controversy"?