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BitchTapes: Forgotten Women of Funk and Soul

You've heard of Chaka Khan and Grace Jones. But this mixtape digs deep, highlighting funk and soul performers who are have been overlooked. 

On Our Radar: Feminist News Roundup

Today we're reading about PayPal, soccer, and Prince.

Enter the Trippy World of Queer Indigenous Rapper Dio

Her song "Pussy Vortex" pairs unapologetic, witty lyrics with a catchy sound. 

"2 Dope Queens" is the Hands-Down Funniest Podcast I've Ever Heard

Comedian Phoebe Robinson talks with us about the show, which delves into issues of gender, race, and pop culture. 

Welsh Musician Cate Le Bon Gets Surreal on New Album "Crab Day"

As a true experimental musician, Cate Le Bon varies between folk, indie rock, and post punk sound.

On Our Radar: Feminist News Roundup

Today we're reading about period shaming, #LaughingWhileBlack, and lesbian rom-coms.

Bitch Magazine: Reader Questions on Chaos

The next issue of Bitch magazine's theme is Chaos. Tell us what we should cover from a chaos perspective. 

In "Confirmation," It's Clear Senators Aimed to Make Us Distrust Anita Hill

The new HBO film starring Kerry Washington pushes viewers to consider how Anita Hill was pilloried for speaking out against harassment. 

The Raw Essays of "So Sad Today" Make Me Feel Less Alone With My Anxiety

Melissa Broder needed a safe space to vent about her feelings of anxiety and depression. So she turned to Twitter. 

Harriet Tubman Will Replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 Bill

The Treasury Department is reportedly going to announce the change today. The plans also reportedly include putting leaders of the women’s suffrage movement on the back of the $10 bill, and incorporating civil rights era leaders into the $5 bill