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Some of Us are Brave: Hate cute, fat, Black confidence? Stay mad.

Gabourey Sidibe won’t give entertainment media the weight-loss story they want, so some grimy, D-list websites are willing to make one up.

Set Phasers to Inclusion: Disabled Trekkies Talk Star Trek

Star Trek is perfectly ripe for social justice and disability representation.

On Our Radar: Feminist News Roundup: Smash the Patriarchy

Today we're reading about Stranger Things, the Nepantleras, and raises.

Need Netiquette?

Let us solve your netiquette woes and we might feature your question in an upcoming issue of Bitch!

Reboot and Rally: The Revolutionary Opportunities Inherent in Reupping Franchise Favorites

 It’s worth considering that rebooted franchises offer the chance to make familiar and beloved stories more accessible to diverse audiences.

Oh Joy Sex Toy: The Dangers of Douching

A comic explains why you should just say no to douching. 

Being and Reclaiming Ourselves: A Conversation on Sexuality, Respectability, and the Pressures of Black Girlhood

Black women have to navigate sex through mainstream gender biases that say good women have to be chaste and racial biases that say Black women have this bestial sexuality. 

On Our Radar: Feminist News Roundup: All Hail Queen Serena Williams

Today we're reading about The Baby-Sitters Club, Serena Williams, and Bill Cosby.

New Music Monday: Y La Bamba

The eclectic indie folk band's new album explores Mexican-American identity.

On Our Radar: Feminist News Roundup: Labor Day

Today we're reading about Gabrielle Union, Jen Richards, and Labor Day!