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On Our Radar—Feminist News Roundup: White Nationalists Get Book Deals Now

Today we're reading about acting, laughing, and wise words.

Backtalk: Best Wishes for 2017

Amy and Dahlia share six wishes for 2017, and talk about Saturday Night Live, good trouble, and the best cable channels to have when you’re home with your family. Plus reminiscing about Felicity’s epic haircut.

Bitch's Best Books of 2016

How many of the Bitch community's best books of 2016 have you read?

House Proud: The Troubling Rise of Stay-at-Home Daughters

Women in the Christian Patriarchy Movement aren’t just stay-at-home mothers—they’re stay-at-home daughters as well.

It's Jane's House—We Just Live in It: Brontë, feminism, and the gothic tradition

The themes and tropes Jane Eyre combined so brilliantly—patriarchy and male control, female dopplegangers, and, of course, gothic houses—remain ever-present in literature and popular culture.

On Our Radar—Feminist News Roundup: How Many of This Year's Best Overlooked Books Have You Read?

Today we're reading about hair, books, and memes.

Ambition Condition: Women, writing, and the problem of success

By not owning up to her ambitions—whether they’re in the public or private realms—a writer feeds the machine that discounts the aspirations and talents of all women writers.

Of Woman Borg: Bionic betties, radical robots, and the evolution of the artificial woman

It’s no shock that feminine cyborgs are used exclusively in ads targeting young males; they tap right into stock fantasies of female subservience.”

Good Looking Out: Siri Hustvedt's New Essay Collection is an Exercise in Interdisciplinary Curiosity

Hustvedt dispenses with illusions of academic objectivity and doesn’t hesitate to share her thoughts and feelings throughout these pieces.

On Our Radar—Feminist News Roundup: Hold Your Celebrities Close

Today we're reading about Carrie Fisher, the myth of the "Unheard" Trump voter, and Planned Parenthood joining the Women's March.