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Pins and Needles: Tuesday Bassen Fights the Fast-Fashion Powers Ripping off Indie Designers

Early in 2016, Bassen’s art started showing up in an unwelcome place: On the website of fast-fashion mainstay Zara, uncredited. 

No Disrespect: Black Women and the Burden of Respectability

The public image of black female dignity is routinely attacked by a 24/7 media-industrial complex that serves up a steady stream of caricature.


How to Raise a Boy in 1979: Navigating love, gender, and punk music in “20th Century Women”

Unlike Mills’s other boy-meets-girl, girl-somehow-saves-boy plots, the women are the backbone of this film. 

On Our Radar: Feminist News Roundup: Stop Killing Our Friends, 2016

Today's Must-Read News and Analysis:

• 2016 continues to act like the last week of the year is some deranged game of Grim Reaper Supermarket Sweep, claiming both pop icon George Michael and pioneering astronomer Vera Rubin. All together, now: Fuck you, 2016! [Complex, Washington Post]

• Women's rights and national security are intricately connected—a fact that Donald Trump and...

New Music Monday: Top 10 Debuts of 2016

The last New Music Monday of 2016 highlights some of the best new music to come out in the past year. 

Right on Time: Regina Spektor's Latest Album was Worth the Wait

Spektor is as much if not more of a storyteller than a pop songwriter, and that has never been more true than on Remember Us to Life.

2016 Reading Challenge: 50 Books by Women of Color

If you don't seek out new voices, it's easy to fall into reading books primarily, if not solely, by white authors.

On Our Radar—Feminist News Roundup: Are these books on your list?

Today we're adding to our reading list, learning about the history slavery and the insurance industry, and giving Lorena Bobbitt her due.

Pantsuit on Fire: The Founder of a Facebook Community Cashes In

 Chamberlain, who is neither an activist nor an author, is cashing in on what amounts to the labor of strangers.

Holding Out: Protest Votes in the Electoral College

This pervasive myth that Sanders would have won the presidency merits closer discussion because this is a conversation we are likely to have over and over again as people relitigate the primary in the coming years.