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After James Deen, How Can the Porn Industry Keep Performers Safe?

A wakeup call to porn creators—and consumers. 

New Music Monday: Foxtails Brigade's "I'm Not Really In The Christmas Mood"

The moody song "I'm Not Really in the Christmas Mood" is a nice counter-point to all the upbeat holiday tunes.

On Our Radar: Feminist News Roundup

Today we're reading about Serena Williams, Edie Falco, and the horribleness of Adam Sandler. 

New Research Examines How Abortion Stories Are Told on TV

A new study examines the way abortion is represented on TV—when it's discussed at all. 

Bitchtapes: The Nerds Issue!

Songs from eight artists featured in our new print issue, Nerds. 

Gift Guide: Gifts for the Bourgeoning Teen Feminist in Your Life

Rookie Yearbook, anyone? Plus a journal, obviously. 

Backtalk: Jessica Jones and Donald Trump's Bigotry

On Backtalk, Bitch editors Sarah and Amy discuss this week in pop culture. This week: Welcome to our podcast of horrors! We talk about the horrific villain on the new Netflix/Marvel show Jessica Jones and why it's the only superhero show Amy will watch. Then, we do some cathartic ranting about Donald's Trump's racism and the destructive nature of his rhetoric. 

On Our Radar: Feminist News Roundup

Today we're reading about Cookie, affirmative action, and Ted Cruz. 

Messy, Beautiful Queers: Two Writers on Queer Kinship and Parenting

Read these two brilliant new books.

Gift Guide: Support Makers and Designers of Color

Support the valuable work of artists of color.