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Gift Guide: Support Creativity, Creatively

Support the creative pursuits of the people you love! 

Phoebe Robinson's Debut Book Takes on Race, Gender, and Pop Culture

There are infinite ways to be Black, and in You Can't Touch My Hair Robinson deftly illustrates her own.

On Our Radar—Feminist News Roundup: If all physicians were female

Today we're reading about Bana al-Abed, Tegan and Sara, and A&E.

Help us pick the best books of 2016

What was your favorite book of 2016?

The Physics of Melanin: Science and the Chaotic Social Construct of Race

There is much to be learned from studying melanin, including how racism can derail our capacity to nurture discovery.

Gift Guide: 10 Gifts for Your Feminist Kid That Support Independent Voices

It's hard enough to find a single appropriate gift for your free-thinking feminist kid. So we found 10 for you to choose from—and even better? You'll support independent writers, artists, musicians, and media-makers when you buy 'em!

New Music Monday: Mal Devisa: 'Kiid'

It's nearly impossible to categorize Mal Devisa's music, but genius doesn't need a genre. 

On Our Radar—Feminist News Roundup: The Electoral College meets today

Today we're reading about Aleppo, self-care, and coming forward.

Misogynoir and Climate Change: Part IV—How Disaster Relief Fails Black Women

When we compound the realities of women’s disproportionate risks during disasters and Black people’s disproportionate environmental challenges, we can see how misogynoir functions in times of eco-crises.

A Vacation is Not Activism: Part III—On Tourism and Ecosocial Disasters

Not only do post-disaster tourism profits seldom reach those in need, the industry also contributes to climate change by weakening natural shore protection and depleting desperately needed resources in vulnerable communities.