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Backtalk: Bitch Media turns 20!

Party like it’s 1996! Listeners share stories of the first time they read Bitch and became radical teenagers. Plus, big news about the future of Backtalk—meet your new co-host Dahlia Grossman-Heinze!

Does the "Collateral Beauty" of Fatherhood Come at the Expense of Mothers?

Complex representations of fatherhood shouldn’t require the erasure of moms.

Four Questions with Bitch Media Contributor and Former Intern Annalee Schafranek: Celebrating 20 Years of Feminist Media

Catching up with former intern and recapping all-star Annalee Schafranek on favorite television shows and the future of feminism.

Favorite Feminist Television

We want to know what television shows of the last two decades with strong feminist characters and/or creators have made their way on to your favorites list.

Gift Guide: Outfits that make a Statement: For the defiant feminist in your life

Fashion can be a pre-emptive response for any number of unwelcome social interactions.

Male Tears for Fears: Embracing the ironic performance of misandry

Women are using performative misandry as both comedy and coping mechanism; a way to bond with each other and commiserate about the seeming inevitability of their oppression.

"Toni Erdmann" is the Fastest and Funniest Three Hour German Film You'll Ever See

Though the film feels deeply personal, it doesn’t avoid engaging with societal issues like workplace sexism and the effects of globalization.

Record Scratch: Sexism in Music PR

Sexism in the music industry is pervasive, and it doesn't always look like you'd expect. 

On Our Radar—Feminist News Roundup: My President was Black

Today we're reading about Syria, propaganda, and Ta-Nehisi Coates.

Three Questions for Sara Reihani: Celebrating 20 Years of Feminist Media

Former Bitch intern and writing contributor Sara Reihani is a reminder of how crucial humor is to the work of feminist response to pop culture.