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"Toni Erdmann" is the Fastest and Funniest Three Hour German Film You'll Ever See

Though the film feels deeply personal, it doesn’t avoid engaging with societal issues like workplace sexism and the effects of globalization.

Record Scratch: Sexism in Music PR

Sexism in the music industry is pervasive, and it doesn't always look like you'd expect. 

On Our Radar—Feminist News Roundup: My President was Black

Today we're reading about Syria, propaganda, and Ta-Nehisi Coates.

Three Questions for Sara Reihani: Celebrating 20 Years of Feminist Media

Former Bitch intern and writing contributor Sara Reihani is a reminder of how crucial humor is to the work of feminist response to pop culture. 

Reproductive Rights Corner: Hail, Satan!

Members of the Satanic Temple don’t believe in a literal Satan, but instead see Satan as a symbol of personal sovereignty and rebellion in opposition to arbitrary authority.

Gift Guide: Presents for Atheists

Nativity scenes? Meh, I'll pass. 

On Our Radar—Feminist News Roundup: 4,500 Women

Today we're reading about Allegiance, Bill Cosby, and the Golden Globes.

Unnatural Disasters: The Human Cost of Human-Caused Disasters

Ecosocial disasters tend to wash away the bullshit and reveal that the so-called first and third worlds are not binary places. 

"Growing a Life" : The Politics and Positive Impact of Youth Gardening

Growing a Life offers an affirmation that time spent in the garden may be growing far more than we realize. 

New Music Monday: Nia Andrews: 'Inside Your Head'

Singer-songwriter Nia Andrews started her career as a backing vocalist for R&B legends. Her new EP, From Here, passes her the limelight.