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Check Yourself Before You Wreck Someplace Else: A Guide to Responsible Summer Travel

Too often, tourists engage in gross practices and act a mess. Here's what to avoid.

Spend & Save: The Narrative of Fair Trade and White Saviorism

You know the saying: One woman’s day-to-day struggle is another woman’s passion project.

Supreme Court Upholds Tribal Rights in Key Sexual Assault Case

Dollar General was fighting against the rights of a Native American tribal court to prosecute a sexual assault. They lost.

On Our Radar: Feminist News Roundup

Today we're reading about polyamorous Christian utopia, Ana Mendieta, and yesterday in Congress.

An Earl in the Streets and a Wild Man in the Sheets: Tarzan and Women’s Sexuality

Tarzan has always been marketed to women on the basis of his sex appeal—but a sex appeal within careful societal boundaries shaped by race and class.

Twin Cities Feminist Punk Trio Kitten Forever Have Been Rocking for 10 Years

Their new album’s raw, stripped-down aura is part of its appeal.

A Gorgeous Comic Tells Norse History With a Lesbian Bent

The “Heathen” series follows queer warriors and brave demigods.

On Our Radar: Feminist News Roundup

Today we're reading about Judith Butler, overcrowding in prisons, and drones.

New Book "Action" Is a Candid Reflection on Sexuality

The honest book mixes memoir with sex-ed.

Oh Joy Sex Toy: The Rumble Vibrator

Artist Erika Moen tests out a futuristic-looking new vibrator—with mixed results.