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On Our Radar: Feminist News Roundup

Today we're reading about tweets, Ted Cruz, and the music industry.

Ask Bear: Can My Boyfriend and Me (and His Kid and His Ex) Make a Home Together?

Adventures in cohousing! A reader asks for advice on moving in with their boyfriend who currently lives with his ex and their kid. 

Once Again, Not a Single Female-Fronted Band Headlined Coachella

The last time the festival had a female headliner, it was Bjork—almost 10 years ago.

Oh Joy Sex Toy: Finding Fat-Postive Sexuality

Sarah didn't see herself represented in sexy stories in books or on TV. But she found a body positive community online. 

Which Reader Question Should We Cover Next?

Bitch readers ask great questions about feminism and pop culture, and now we need your help to decide which to cover next. Vote!

Debunking Five Myths That Fuel Right-Wing Bathroom Bills

Trans women are going to attack people in bathrooms? Nope. 

On Our Radar: Feminist News Roundup

Today we're reading about Tamir Rice, South Dakota, and FORCE.

The Jungle Book's Complicated Relationship With Imperialism

Over its many iterations, Rudyard Kipling’s story has positioned Mowgli as a God or a conflicted child. The new Disney version seeks a harmonious message. 

New Novel “Terrible Virtue” Tells the Story of Margaret Sanger’s Life

The book aims to present a complicated portrait, but feels rushed and misses a chance for real nuance. 

New Music Monday: Rena's "Rude Chick"

Rena says she used to make "sad girl" music. Then she turned to rock and roll.