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From "The Vagina Kayak" to a New Memoir, Japanese Artist Rokudenashiko Makes Pussy-Positive Art

Even being fined thousands of dollars for "obscenity" doesn't stop her from making her colorful replicas of her vulva. 

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The former Texas senator talks with us about celebrating the political power of young women.

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Beyoncé Is Fighting the Patriarchy Through Pop Culture

As pop culture is a driving force in 21st century feminism, it has to be critiqued. But Beyoncé's work holds real power.

Lindy West's "Shrill" Is a Hilarious Manifesto for Living Loud and Proud

It’s the best kind of memoir, balancing humor with genuine reflection and empathy.

Trump’s Racism Could Backfire As He Inspires Latinas to Go Vote Against Him

Can we dub this the “Taco Bowl” backlash?

New Music Monday: S H I R A

 Shira is a multi-media maker whose name means both "song" and "poem" in Hebrew.

On Our Radar: Feminist News Roundup

Today we're reading about Nancy Drew, West Point, and National Women's Health Week.

Proactive Ways to Cope With Donald Trump Running for President

A quick guide for those of us anxious to do something productive in the face of Trump's toxic campaign

Access, Not Just Google: Are Infosystems Erasing Women’s Work?

The social responsibilities of librarianship are critical tasks in an information society.