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Say Hello to the Nikita, a Gun-Shaped Dildo

Artist Nika Cherrelle and her creation: The Nikita sex toy. Photos by Stela Furtado. 

The Nikita, designed by artist Nika Cherrelle, is a pistol-shaped six-inch silicone dildo and vibrating sleeve. As Cherrelle says, “It’s a gun that shoots orgasms.”

On Our Radar: Feminist News Round-Up

Here's what's on our radar today:

• Laverne Cox, who graced Time magazine's "Transgender Tipping Point" cover, welcomes Caitlyn Jenner and talks about the work left to do for trans equality. [Laverne Cox Tumblr] 

• If you think TV shows Briefcase and Britain's Hardest Grafter are gross, they're not exactly the first of their kind. Here'...

A Photo Series Celebrates Modern-Day Rosie the Riveters

Photographer Deanne Fitzmaurice took portraits for a series celebrating women in transportation.

During World War II, Rosie the Riveter became a cultural icon symbolizing women at work in manufacturing.

Song Premiere: Ancient Warfare's "Gunsmoke"

I like upbeat pop jams for summertime, sure. But I’m just as inclined to want dark, dreamy music for the sunny months, too.

On Our Radar: Feminist News Roundup

Happy Monday! Here's all the feminist news we're reading about today: 

• It's a good day for privacy: The NSA's massive phone-spying program has been put on hold after the Senate did not meet a deadline for re-approving three key pieces of the Patriot Act. [The Atlantic] 

Frazey Ford's "Done" is an Anthem for Calling it Quits

Canadian singer-songwriter Frazey Ford has a great new video that’s a call to action for everyone who’s fed up with someone in their life. 

A Graphic Novel Illustrates the Architecture of Immigration Detention

In the United States, a Congressional mandate requires that approximately Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) fill 32,000 beds in immigration detention facilities every day.

BitchTapes: Dark Summer

Sometimes sunny days make you feel gloomy. This mixtape is for anyone who feels like seeking shelter in the shade.  

When I think of “summer music,” I think of infectious, upbeat pop, but a couple interesting artists are releasing rather deep and moody albums this summer.  The mix includes brand-new tracks from Ancient Warfare (whose album ...

72 Hour Countdown for Feminist Media

72 hours. $8,127. That's all that stands between Bitch Media and reaching this $30,000 matching gift goal by May 31 at midnight.

On Our Radar: Feminist News Roundup

Happy Friday! Here's all the news we're reading today.

• British feminist magazine Spare Rib ran from 1972 to 1992—now the British Library will host its 20-year archive online. [The Guardian]