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Political Party: Celebrate Good (Election) Times, Come on!

That hangover you're nursing right now was worth it: Feminists have a lot to celebrate! Not only did women crush it last night (hey New Hampshire ladies!) but rape apologists/deniers/ignorers got their asses handed to them. Don't let the door hit you on the way out, guys!

Rape exists. DEAL WITH IT.

Ms. Opinionated: All the Advice You Asked For, and Some You Didn't

Welcome to the fourth installment of "Ms. Opinionated," Bitch's new advice column, in which readers have questions about the pesky day-to-day choices we all face, and I give advice about how to make ones that (hopefully) best reflect our shared commitment to feminist values—as well as advice on what to do when they don't. This week, it's time to talk about those women who disappear...

No More Boobs in the British News?


Attempts to rid British newspaper The Sun of its topless 'Page 3 Girls' have always failed in the past, with feminists' concerns dismissed as prudery and jealousy. Could a new campaign be about to succeed where others have failed? And what issues does this raise for feminists?

Lady Liquor: Getting Out the Vote, Filling Up the Hip Flask, and Teaching Little Johnny to Drink

Once women got the right to vote, they didn't consistently vote dry – in part because an unintended consequence of Prohibition (working in tandem with the social and economic aftermath of World War I) was that for the first time in U.S. history, drinking was no longer the exclusive provenance of men. Women held or went to parties where alcohol was served, and they also went out to...

Daddy Issues: A Surfeit Of SAHDs And Single Dads

As you might have noticed, there have been a lot of primary caregiver dads in pop culture (no pun intended) lately. In addition to populating long-running shows like Two and a Half Men, Castle, and Dexter, we've seen single dads on Raising Hope, Louie, and Suburgatory, plus Will Arnett as a sensitive stay-at-home-dad (SAHD) on Up...

Tales From The Crip: Ode to Krip Hop's Leroy Moore

Leroy Moore is a man of action: poet, community activist, artist, feminist... the list goes on. Spend any time in the crip community and his name will inevitably surface, which should come as no surprise. Moore is a walking archive of disability art and history with a gift for broad networking, highlighting artists and activist projects from the Bay area to the Democratic Republic of...

Vote 'Em If You Got 'Em: Links For Your Election Day!

Well, the attack ads are over, the convention floors have long been empty, and the event we've all been anticipating/dreading for what feels like our entire lives is finally upon us: It's Election Day!

To get you ready for your big day at the polls, we've put together some links on elections past, resources for voting in the presence, and info for the not-so-distant...

What Republicans Can Learn about Marriage from Call the Midwife. (Plus: A giveaway!)

Ah, marriage. It's a preoccupation with Republicans: the destruction of it, sex outside of it, the redefinition of it. Promoting marriage was a significant part of the Bush administration's domestic-policy agenda, presumably in an attempt to protect women from the horrors of birth control, single motherhood, abortion, and illicit sexual activity. Whether it's correlating single...

Lady Liquor: Temperance, suffrage and the matter of strange bedfellows

The pairing of women's suffrage and Prohibition always seemed to me like another quirky historical coupling, an example of the same group of people simultaneously favoring a critical common-sense idea (universal suffrage) and an unbelievably naïve, moralistic solution to society's problems (Prohibition).

Adventures in Feministory: Donna Brazile, the First Woman of Color Presidential Campaign Director

Early in the morning of November 8, 2000, Donna Brazile sent a text to then–presidential candidate Al Gore. The candidate lay in wait with several aides, watching as the chaotic election results unraveled. Out of either determination, or stubbornness, she texted "Never surrender. It's not over yet." Even without winning the election, Donna Brazile had already made history as the first woman of...