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BitchTapes: Burger Babes

Sometimes our BitchTapes are about colors, elements, or seasons.  Other times they're about cover songs or friendship.  This time, we thought we'd dedicate a playlist to a very cool label called Burger Records.  Haven't heard of them yet?  They're a small outfit based out of Fullerton, California and they've been releasing quality records and tapes since 2007.  This week, they put out an...

Daddy Issues: The Incomparable Influence of Non-Dad "Dads"

There are lots of films where single men act as surrogate fathers, from the John Wayne flick 3 Godfathers to Annie, Curly Sue, Fred Claus, About a Boy, Role Models, Happythankyoumoreplease [yep], Kindergarten Cop, Big Daddy, and (kinda) True Grit. It's also a common trope on TV, in shows where the non-dad...

Bitch in a Box: Holiday Gift Guide, Pop-Culture Nester Edition

Buying gifts for someone who loves pop culture so much they want to literally surround themselves with it? Read on!

Backlot Bitch: You Can Win an Oscar, but You Can't Win Respect

In which famous writer Bret Easton Ellis takes to Twitter to mansplain Kathryn Bigelow's success, and comes to the conclusion that she's a hot chick, man.

Douchebag Decree: Don't Apologize for Your Metabolism, Lady. No, Really. It's Cool.

"I think this book will probably upset a few people, i think it will be looked at wrong by some people."

Ladies and gents, Britton Delizia, master of understatement.

Lady Liquor: Straight women, gay bars and safe spaces

This summer, a Los Angeles gay bar called the Abbey banned bachelorette parties from its establishment until marriage equality is achieved, which sparked discussion in LGBTQ communities elsewhere about the tradition of straight bachelorettes celebrating impending nuptials in queer spaces. Here in Portland, a gay bar called CC Slaughters announced it would permit bachelorettes and...

British Newspapers Are Officially Declared Sexist. So What Happens Next?

The Leveson Report on the ethics of the British Press has vindicated U.K. feminists by concluding that our tabloid media demeans and sexualizes women. But now that the dust has settled, will there be any real change in British newspapers?

The Big Feminist BUT: Barry Deutsch's "How to Make a Man Out of Tin Foil"

We're back with more big BUT: This week, a story from Barry Deutsch about masculinity and camp. (The summer kind.)

Lady Liquor: What Makes a Drink a Girly Drink?

Cocktail culture began in the home and broke down norms around who socialized with whom, gender-wise, and I certainly know people who assume all cocktails are sweet and sugary (and therefore feminine), or that any drink with more than two ingredients is a "girly" drink. Neither of those things are true, of course, as anyone with an alcoholic grandfather or an even passing familiarity with...

Ms. Opinionated: All the Advice You Asked For, and Some You Didn't

Welcome to the latest installment of Ms. Opinionated, in which readers have questions about the pesky day-to-day choices we all face, and I give advice about how to make ones that (hopefully) best reflect our shared commitment to feminist values—as well as advice on what to do when they don't. This week: what to do when your head likes the idea of non-monogamy but your heart screams, "...