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Parks and Rec Premieres TONIGHT! Five Reasons to Get Psyched for Season Five

After a long, agonizing, Pawnee-less summer, Parks and Rec comes back tonight! Will Leslie and Ben make a long-distance relationship work and renew the romantic hopes dashed by Amy Poehler and Will Arnett's *sniff* real-life divorce? Will Tom Haverford and Ann Perkins call it quits so we can go back to watching Big T hit on women at the Snakehole Lounge? Will Ron Swanson continue to...

RetroPop: Criminal Intent with Sia and David Guetta's "Titanium" and Anne Sexton's Romantic Murder

Today we're going to perform a little compare/contrast action on David Guetta's tune "Titanium," featuring Sia, by jamming it with the poetry of a woman whose work can (and did today, again, several times) make me weep from its heartbreaking awesomeness. Give it up for Anne Sexton! *Brianna claps, snaps, sniffles.*

Backstreet's Back (Selling Plus-Size Skinny Jeans at Old Navy)!

Say what you will about Old Navy, its ad team knows their audience. They got the attention of late-twenty-early-thirtysomethings with a Blossom reunion, a 90210 reunion, and now they've brought America's Sweethearts: 1997 Edition to the small screen and crammed 'em inside of a boombox. That's right—Backstreet's Back!


Want to Block Chris Brown's Stupid Face Forever and Ever? There's an App for That

If you're tired of seeing Chris Brown's stupid face in your news feed and no longer want to hear about how he's turned domestic violence into a marketing ploy or how Dr. Drew is still making excuses for his inexcusable behavior, you're in luck: There's an app (well, a plugin) for that.

RetroPop: (Completely Non-Violent, Totally Symbolic) Mariah Carey Cage Match

Those Brontë girls may have overcome their share of gender stereotypes and difficulties of being women writers in a restrictive time, and, sure, they may have filled my nightmares with images of monstrous villains and spooky hillsides, but they also kept falling tragically ill with consumption and the like. Mariah, meanwhile, has been mothering twins, rocking a high-profile marriage,...

Ladies Who Lunch (at Hooters): The "Breastaurant" Chain Targets Women

Last month, Hooters launched a creepy ad campaign with the hopes of attracting women to its "delightfully tacky yet unrefined" chain of restaurants. Wondering how a "breastaurant" with a boob euphemism for a name plans on making women feel right at home? Yeah, same here.

Wings for everyone! (Image: Reuters)

On Our Radar: Michelle Obama, Paul Frank, and the Chicago Teachers Strike

It's that time again... links roundup!

  • Tami Winfrey Harris talks about what white white feminists get wrong about Michelle Obama [Clutch magazine].
  • The Chicago teachers strike is a feminist issue! Dana Goldstein shares some history.
  • Laurie Penny has one of the best responses to Naomi Wolf's new book. [New Statesman]
  • What the hell Paul Frank? A "pow wow...

Project Runway Season 10: Want a Piece of Me?

Things got personal during last night's Project Runway textile challenge.

In the family way.

RetroPop: What Would Zelda Fitzgerald Say to Carly Rae Jepsen and Owl City's "Good Time"?

Owl City and Carly Rae Jepsen's "Good Time" tells the tale of a party-lovin' guy and girl who frequently sleep until twilight only to stumble out of their hotel rooms, dropping phones in pools, raising their hands up in the air with giddy jubilance at going to many fun parties and emitting plenty of I'm-lovin'-life "whoah-oh"s. Jepsen's share of the lyrics, specifically, paint a...

Feminist Fistbump: World's Oldest Gymnast Johanna Quaas Kicks Ass at 86

The 57th Guinness Book of World Records is out today, and among the parrot who can slam dunk a basketball and Archie the world's shortest bull is Johanna Quaas, the world's oldest gymnast.