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Life on Mars (Hill): In the nation’s fastest-growing megachurch, faith and feminism don’t mix.

When Jess came to the University of Washington as a freshman, she was a feminist economics major whose postcollege goal was to land a position at an organization dedicated to social entrepreneurship. Now in her early 20s and just a few years out of college, she is married, looking forward to a life as a homemaker, and involved full-time at the Seattle-based Mars Hill...

Sugar Rush : Speaking with author and advice columnist Cheryl Strayed

Two years ago, my mother died. She was 48, I was 25. I turned to Sugar in a voracious, all-consuming way. Not sweets—I devoured "Dear Sugar," an online advice column at the literary website the Rumpus.

I had trouble describing "Dear Sugar" to others, explaining why it was more than an advice column. It wasn't just that Sugar had lost her 45-...

Sm{art}: The Summer of Nikki McClure

As summer stretches its legs in the Pacific Northwest, Nikki McClure's calendar is helping me count down the months. The cut paper artist seems to be everywhere now: on bookshelves, greeting cards, and fabulous retrospectives in museums opening this fall. McClure is known for her dramatic etchings of everyday life, resistance, and celebration. As Cinders Gallery puts it, "Armed with...

Bon Appetit! 100 Years of Julia Child

Today would have been Julia Child's 100th birthday. Though the legendary cook, author, and pop culture personality died in 2004, her delicious (feminist!) legacy lives on.

Happy Birthday! Photo by Arnold Newman/Getty Images

WTF Files: "Planned Bullyhood"? Really, Karen Handel? REALLY?

You may recall former Susan G. Komen executive Karen Handel from from Komen's grossly mishandled defunding and refunding of Planned Parenthood earlier this year. Well, Handel may have lost her job at Komen, but she's gained a book deal. The title of her upcoming tome? Planned Bullyhood.

RetroPop: Is the Dude in P!nk's "Blow Me (One Last Kiss)" Just a 2012 Version of Heathcliff from Wuthering Heights?

Welcome again to RetroPop, where we mash up lady-driven Top 40 tunes with the work of great female artists from history and explore what they have in common, maybe elevate some readers' respect for Billboard hits, and revel in some great women writers in the process. Your reactions, disagreements, and playlist suggestions are welcome and encouraged. So let's jack the volume to 11...

B-Sides: In Defense of New Jersey, Screaming Females

One fateful evening in a kitchen in Brooklyn in the winter of 2008, I stood leaning on a window, freezing air seeping into the sweaty room. A woman emerged from the bathroom wearing a modest black dress with a white collar. In the smallest voice, she said, "We're Screaming Females and we're from New Jersey." My eyes lit up.

Games On! Fight Like a Girl

In the aftermath of the Olympics, ending as it did with a whimper rather than a bang thanks to Friday's disappointing closing ceremonies, the impact of the past two weeks is only just starting to sink in. It marked a number of firsts for women, including the first women from Saudi Arabia to participate in the Games, and the first female boxers to compete for an Olympic medal.

Bridal Party: In Support of Ceremony!

We spend a lot of time in the handful of decades that we exist in this world being told things and telling things. But there are comparitively very few moments when we allow our pretenses to drop and we come together to share something honest, and complex, and for many of us a little (or a lot) scary. That's a transformative thing. 

RetroPop: Madonna, Adrienne Rich, and Pussy Riot

And now for something with a bit more gravity than usual here on RetroPop: Punk and Real World Politics and Prison and the Queen of Pop. Oh, and amazing Adrienne Rich poetry.