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Adventures in Feministory: Filmmaker Lourdes Portillo

Lourdes Portillo has a decades-long film career. Her films, which tend to focus on Chicano and Latino culture and identity, range from realism to avant-garde, fiction to personal narrative, with every kind of genre-bending in between. Portillo continues her work today as a member of Xochitl Productions, a film production and distribution company that expands the dialogue around Latino...

Flyover Feminism: A New Site for East, West, and All the Rest

What would happen if Melissa from Shakesville, Garland from Tiger Beatdown (and the Bitch blogs!), and Jessica from scATX joined forces and created a Super Site, like when the Transformers would combine and make a Super Robot? It sounds like the stuff of feminist blogosphere fanfic, but it's actually happening! Introducing: Flyover Feminism.

True Blood: Gone, Gone, Gone

Last night's True Blood was a real tearjerker, was it not?

BitchTapes: Fictional Bands

Fictional Band Fun! from BitchTapes on 8tracks Radio


This week on BitchTapes I would like to honor those fictional bands that never get any recognition. This mix features Josie and the Pussycats, the Soggy Bottom Boys, and more!

On Our Radar: Tearing Down the "Typical" Trans Narrative, Casual Racism, and the 12th Annual Portland Zine Symposium!

After a hot few days, it's finally cooling down in Portland. Here's what we've ben reading.

  • I believe I was born in the right body; transgender, yes, but there's nothing "wrong" with me. Thomas Page McBee thoughtfully tears down notions and media deptions of the "typical" trans narrative. [Salon]
  • Odd Future's Syd The Kyd doesn't identify as a feminist, in fact,...

Thinking Kink: The Final (Leather-Clad) Curtain

Writing this series has been amazing! Time for a few shout-outs to those who have helped the good ship Thinking Kink along its voyage...

Project Runway Season 10: Going, Going, Gone

It was fewer designers, mo' problems on last night's episode of Project Runway:

Judge not, lest Michael Kors tell you you are a sissy.

Douchebag Decree: Louisiana Charter School Bans Pregnant Students, Had "No Idea" That Was Illegal/Awful

The administration Delhi Charter School of Delhi, Louisiana, ought to be red-faced right now. Why's that? Well, in 2006 the administration instituted a new policy: No pregnant students allowed in the classroom. The school reserved the (illegal) right to even force pregnancy tests on students. However, when the good ol' ACLU stepped up on the case, the Delhi Charter School claimed...

Beyond Judy Blume: The Gatekeepers

Librarians and educators who are given the opportunity to work with youth are indeed gatekeepers. As we all know, being in charge of what goes through any gate (or classroom, or library door) is a big responsibility that comes with a lot of power, and when it comes to young adult lit, gatekeeping is a very contentious issue. I'm sure you've heard that Judy Blume's books regularly make...

RetroPop: Why Edna St. Vincent Millay Would Love

Welcome again to RetroPop, the Top 40-centric series where I invite you to help me compare the messages of lady-performed Billboard hits with themes from the work of great female artists of the past.

Today we're going straight to the lyrics of the latest hit Nicki Minaj single, "Starships" to find out what it has in common with a (relatively) well-known and respected poem by all...