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End of Gender: "Transsexual Killer" Strikes Again

Chloë Sevigny of Boys Don't Cry stars in the upcoming miniseries Hit and Miss as a transgender contract assassin.

For years the "transsexual killer" trope has haunted the trans community with a bad reputation. And while transgender people are being portrayed as killers, we're the ones getting killed.

Visi(bi)lity: How Did I Get Here? (or: What Chasing Amy Taught Me About Media and Identity)

When I was 11, I saw the trailer for Chasing Amy. I don't remember why it caught my attention—I didn't recognize the actors, and I don't think I consciously knew what it was about. It certainly wasn't targeted toward 11-year-olds, so I'm not even sure where I saw the ad. But something in my gut told me that this was a movie I needed to see. It was the first time I experienced...

Fertile Ground: Five Films For the Ecofeminist in You

Within the last several years, some great eco-themed movies have swirled about in theaters and Netflix queues. Both scripted and documentary, these films have been effective at conscious-raising and spreading the word to take action to heal our wilting planet. They cover some of the bases of our eco-crisis, but this is in no way a comprehensive list. It is only a sampler platter of the fine...

A Q&A with Comics Artist Jennifer Crut

Bitch magazine readers may recognize Jennifer Cruté's round-faced, deceptively cute characters from her contribution to the "My Dark Confession" comics feature in the Noir issue, no. 42. If you're not familiar with this under-the-radar indie artist, now's your chance to get acquainted with her. Since her Bitch comic, Jennifer has been busy finishing a three-part...

End of Gender: "He-Wax," She Wax, We All Wax?

Nearly a decade after the "metrosexual" invaded the mainstream, men are taking grooming to the land down under.

While men give he-waxing glowing reviews, Cosmopolitan writers say they're "not so sure" about men "having zero hair where there should be at least a little." After all, body hair is (or was) considered manly. Some women worry that the "boyzilian wax" means that men...

B-Sides: New Music From Angel Haze, Beach House, and Erykah Badu

Time to kick Tuesday into high gear with five spankin' new songs you need to get to know better. Starting things off, here's Brooklyn teen band the Skins...Click through for more!

Visi(bi)lity: Toward a Visible Movement

Over the weekend, The Bilerico Project published a fascinating interview with Ellyn Ruthstrom, a seasoned bi activist who became the first and only paid staff member at the Bisexual Resource Center in 2011. Unfortunately, BRC's current lack of funding prevents Ruthstrom from continuing to earn a salary, but she is still deeply involved in the organization and bi activism in general. In the...

Adventures in Feministory: Wanda Jackson

Wanda Jackson is loud. Her brash voice snarls at the listener as much as it preens her own ego, lashing out at lackluster lovers and glorifying her own sexual prowess. The "queen of rockabilly" owned the raunchy music of 50s and 60s youth after being turned onto the genre by none other than former flame Elvis Presley. Whether she was the first woman to actually step behind the mic and...

Mad Men: Far, Far Away

We're going to need a room at that Howard Johnson motor lodge to process everything that happened on Mad Men last night. What a trip!

Strange things are afoot at the Howard J.

Fertile Ground: Beauty Products and the Beast

In an effort to avoid as many chemicals as I can in our toxic world, I do my best to not put anything on my face that I couldn't put in my mouth. For many people, though, mainstream beauty products are standard items. According to a Bloomberg report, the average American woman uses about twelve health and beauty products on her face every morning. From formaldehyde in shampoo to lead...