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B-Sides: Goat and the Feather

The advent of Garage Band as a major media outlet for musicians and songwriters has provided a great many opportunities for the reinvention of the earnest acoustic wheel in the last five years or so. Shane and Essy are not reinventing that wheel. They are not inventing twang, they are not inventing milky-smoky vocals, they are not inventing dusty-country-roads guitar accompaniment. But...

Thinking Kink: Moving Beyond Abuse with BDSM

Last post, I looked at how BDSM can be used to work through abuse. But what of those who want to use BDSM to move on from, not replay, traumatic pasts? Today, I'm thinking about the difficulty of shedding the "victim" label when an abuse survivor chooses to be kinky...

Love and Afrofeminism: The Curious Case of Gender Roles

So many people dream about having the kind of partner I have; the kind of person that will support you through thick and thin because they actually believe in you; the kind of woman who will deny herself the right to look and feel "pretty"—skip out on getting her hair cut, even when the ends are sleeping, and you're too much of a jackass to notice her non-answers when you tease her about it—...

Help WAM! Build a Direct Action Network for Gender Justice in Media!

Exciting news! The folks at Women, Action, and the Media (WAM!) launched a campaign today to build a grassroots direct-action network dedicated to creating gender justice in media at all levels, including ownership, employment, representation, and access. And they want to do it using movie nights, pitch-ins, social media, letter writing, and anything else we can think of to spread the word....

The New Normal: One Million Moms Protest Ryan Murphy's Gay Family Show, NBC Responds

Remember One Million Moms (OMM), the group that is still protesting JC Penney, Oreo cookies, and that show GCB that no one watched? Well, they've got a new target in their sights: NBC's upcoming sitcom The New Normal.

The horror!

Bridal Party: Fight Evil Wedding Traditions with a DIY Invitation Station!

Now everyone just does that stuff for us, but because it comes from the bridal half of the tradition, weddings are still thought of as the bride's deal, not the groom's. Hence, the bride's family traditionally hosting (paying for) the wedding and the nasty Hollywood hetero-theme of the bridezilla who plans every aspect of the wedding as the groom sits idly by vaguely dreading marriage.


Thinking Kink: Is BDSM Therapy "A Dangerous Method"?

One of the most resented stereotypes about BDSM is that the only person who would willingly consent to it must be "a damaged victim choosing submission as a way of healing from or processing past trauma." But what exactly is the objection to people who practice BDSM as therapy? I had a look at the kink-flavored movie A Dangerous Method to find out...

Adventures in Feministory: Justine Merritt, Peace Maker and Piece Maker

Today, the Raging Grannies wear purple to protests and harmonize songs like the "Free Trade Trot" or "Police Brutality." In 1985, a 60-year-old Denver grandmother named Justine Merritt was an original raging granny—only she channeled her frustration against the military industrial complex into embroidering. 

True Blood: In the Beginning

Last night's True Blood gave us drunken karaoke, body horror, and a surprise dose of Islamophobia! WTF?

Fairly fairy.

We're live-tweeting the season at @BitchMediaLive. Follow along during the episodes and get caught up right here! Be sure to tweet at us during the show, too.

Douchebag Decree: Sexist Olympic Advertising

The Olympics started as an über-macho, male-only competition in ancient Greece. While a lot has changed since then, women are still facing sexism when it comes to the Games.