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Go Back to School with Academic Tim Gunn!

Forget floral prints and puffed shoulders—what you really need to get in the back-to-school spirit is a pep talk from Academic Tim Gunn.

Academic Tim Gunn: Toward a New Tumblr Fashion Paradigm

Read This: Fifty Shades of Roiphe

Our very own Andi Zeisler reviewed Katie Roiphe's new essay collection In Praise of Messy Lives for the Los Angeles Review of Books. As Andi puts it, "Spoiler alert: It annoyed me." Andi's review, however, is the opposite of annoying. You should read it!

On Our Radar: the Paralympics, It Gets Fatter, and RNC Eyerolls

Here's some food for thought for the weekend! Share what you've been reading this week in the comments!
  • Bitch Media sponsor GladRags is a finalist in the Green America People & Planet Awards. Check out the contest here! Voting closes September 4.
  • Sixteen-year-old gold medalist Gabby Douglas has spoken out against racism she faced during training—and for her bravery is now...

Second Annual FOC Fest this Weekend in Portland

This weekend in Portland, Oregon, a house off East Burnside will be packed with folks coming out for two nights of amazing music brought to you by FOC Fest. Featuring women of color musicians from the Pacific Northwest, FOC Fest (short for Females of Color) started last year and was a total blast. As their 2011 zine stated, "we hope to bring FOC musicians together and recognize the awesome...

BitchTapes: School Daze

School Daze from BitchTapes on 8tracks Radio.

Summer's winding down and those of us who are students are gearing up for another tough year. Even if you've been in school for years, something about the first few days always makes ya nervous–like summer camp, but perhaps with more sex, booze, and drama. It still feels...

Project Runway Season 10: Lordy, Lordy!

It was a Lord & Taylor extravaganza on this week's Project Runway!

I feel you, Sonjia. I wanted to cut that harness up too.

Beyond Judy Blume: The House You Pass on the Way by Jacqueline Woodson

Earlier this week, we hosted the first YA book club of our Beyond Judy Blume program here in Portland. We had a great discussion about how sexuality, gender, and race are portrayed in The House You Pass on the Way by Jacqueline Woodson. Since we know lots of our readers aren't able to make it to our book club meetings, we're discussing the book here on the blog as well. Let us...

Watch Samantha Bee Kick Ass in the Name of Choice at the Republic National Convention

Having a hard time wrapping your mind around the shitshow that is the Republican National Convention? Us too. That's why we appreciate the intrepid reporting of The Daily Show's Samantha Bee, who took on the brave task of asking RNC delegates how they really feel about Romney's stance on abortion, which includes exceptions if the life of the mother is threatened.


Feminist Fistbump: Cindy Gallop

Hello, and welcome to the inaugural post of our new series Feminist Fistbump, where we offer up props to those warriors fighting for gender equality today! Our first Fistbump goes out to advertising consultant, startup guru, and all-around badass Cindy Gallop.

B-Sides: Myths

Vancouver, BC-based electroccult female duo MYTHS will enchant cities across the US and Canada on The Mythical Gymnastics Tour w/ Grimes and Elite Gymnastics. Don't miss this!