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Lady Business: New Female CEOs, Coming Right Up

A recent Catalyst survey of Fortune 500 companies found that in 2011, women accounted for 14.1% of executive officer positions. They are just 7.5% of top earners in those position, but there are apparently a lot of women being groomed for leadership in the "corporate pipeline."

Adventures in Feministory: Althea Gibson, the First Black Tennis Player to Win a Tennis Grand Slam Tournament

In honor of the French Open this week, it felt appropriate to highlight the achievements of the female singles winner from 56 years ago: Althea Gibson. Long before Venus and Serena started making waves in the tennis world, Gibson was not only the very first African American tennis player to win ANY of the major Grand Slam tennis tournaments independent of each other, she won three of...

Mad Men: The Other Woman

What an episode! We laughed, we cried, we called for Pete Campbell's head on a platter, and then we cried some more.

Seriously, somebody kill this guy.

BitchTapes: Tales of the Jazz Age

For me, the 1920s stand out as one of the coolest times to be alive. The music, the parties, the changes in social mores, the fashion, the burgeoning of film and radio. (This is of course, with rose-tinted glasses neglecting the poverty, the subjugation of classes, ethnicities, and women—not to mention the violence brought on by prohibition.) Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby introduces...

On Our Radar: S.E. Cupp, Community, and Cabinet of Wonders

When we weren't wasting spending time on our shiny new Pinterest boards, this is what we were reading this week:

  • Libby Copeland on why fashion models keep getting younger [Slate]
  • We Are All S.E. Cupp, the Conservative Pundit Bullied by Hustler says Lindsay Beyerstein [In These Times]. If you agree, sign the petition.
  • Remember that racial discrimination...

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End of Gender: Pink For Boys? Why "Sex-Appropriate" Colors Are Arbitrary

Back in the day, infants of all genders wore white frocks—white, because it could be bleached of any infant spewage, and frocks, because it's easier to wriggle a baby into a dress than into britches. Franklin Delano Roosevelt's 1884 toddler photo depicts our dignified to-be president sitting primly in a white skirt and patent leather shoes.  

Eventually, parents began dressing...

The Tales Of Feminist Conferences in India, and of Ice.

It is no surprise that India is a Big Brother-esque figure in South Asia, especially, in histories of nation-building (the Partition, the 1971 Bangladeshi War of Independence, the decades under IPKF in Sri Lanka are just the tip of the iceberg), as researchers, we carry these legacies on our bodies and words. What kind of "secular" feminism are we advocating, if this "secular" voice comes from...

Fertile Ground: Inga Muscio's Rose: Love in Violent Times

Inga Muscio's Rose: Love in Violent Times is a heart-wrenching journey, with ups and downs, depressing moments mirrored by inspirational ones. It is beautiful, and though it largely continues with Muscio's usual themes of feminism and antiracism, I would file this book under "ecofeminism" as well.

Muscio's latest, published last year, picks up where her...

Douchebag Decree: Jim Foley, Vice President of Victim Blaming, the University of Montana

When a rape victim went public with her story earlier this year, Jim Foley, Vice President of the University of Montana, sent an email asking if she could be punished under the Student Code of Conduct.