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The Big Feminist BUT: Corinne Mucha's "Spinster"

Do you like comics? Do you like feminism? Do you think it's bunk that publishers have no compunction about saying things like, "We can't sell a book with the word 'feminist' in the title"? Then you might want to know about a new comics anthology called The Big Feminist BUT. Editors Shannon O'Leary and Joan Reilly explain:

Women now regularly run for the highest offices in...

Backlot Bitch: Are White Authors the Only One Who Can Tell Stories?

Life of Pi is the latest film to use a white narrator to tell a story from a person of color's point of view. Please, tell me more.

Lady Liquor: The rise of the cocktail and the feminization of drink

As for the consumption of spirits per se, it's true that cocktails became more popular in the 1920s than they had in previous years, and both men and women drank cocktails enthusiastically. In fact, historian Catherine Gilbert Murdock, in her phenomenal book Domesticating Drink, argues that Prohibition had a dual effect on the way women and men socialized. Where previously men had gone...

Daddy Issues: How Surprise Single Fatherhood Makes Men's Lives Worth Living

The idea that fatherhood redeems men, turning them into proper grown-ups (and thus acceptable members of society) is an enduring pop cultural preoccupation.

In Three Men and A Baby, the lead characters are living in New York, having fun while still (more or less) covering their bills — but it takes raising a baby and giving up wild parties to validate their existence. Jack,...

New Totes & Tees at BitchMart!

Just in time for the holidays, we've added a few new totes and tees to BitchMart! Taking advantage of 20% off Bitch subscriptions today? Add a tote or tee (or both!) to your shopping cart—get a head start on shopping for your friends while supporting independent feminist media.

It's the Most Terrible Time of the Year: Offensive Holiday Ads Showdown!

If the incessant loop of "Baby It's Cold Outside" playing at the grocery store hasn't tipped you off yet, allow me: The holiday shopping season is upon us. And if you celebrate this time of year, this means you have approximately one month to buy everyone in your life a meaningful gift—and retailers won't let you forget it. Hence, the holiday shoppings ads, which are now playing at a...

BitchTapes: Who's Hungry? (Part III)

For Part III of Who's Hungry?, we're serving up a proper five-course feast. Get ready to dig in as we present some of the best food songs out there.

Daddy Issues: Blossom and the Trouble with

Brainy, outspoken, and with a fashion sense all her own, Blossom modeled confidence (and oh, so many hats) for a generation of teenage girls.

Along with unquashable self-esteem, she also possessed that mixed blessing, the "cool" dad. With his tight jeans, collar-grazing hair, hippie past, and career as a professional pianist, Nick Russo wasn't your typical TV father. He thought...

Lady Liquor: Beer-Loving Ladies - Rare, or Just Overlooked?

I've always been perplexed by the stereotype that women just don't like beer very much. The stat I hear most often – which I quoted in my post about Teri Fahrendorf – is that only about 30 percent of American women prefer beer to either spirits or wine. Of course, if I were asked the question that way, I'm not sure which of the three I would choose myself. Wine has always...

Wide Stance: Marianne Wex's timeless exploration of gender and space.

We've all seen it. The guy on the subway or bus who reclines into his seat and luxuriously spreads his legs as if no one else were there. In fact, there's a woman on either side of him, and both of them twist and tuck their legs away, bunch their handbags into their laps, squeeze their arms around themselves, and very likely glare silently in his unwitting direction.