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Bibliobitch: Speculating on the Future of Feminism is in its final push in a Kickstarter campaign to publish a Feminist Speculative Fiction anthology through PM Press. The goal is to "emphasize women's speculative fiction from the mid-1970s onward, looking to explore women's rights as well as gender/race/class/etc. from as many perspectives as possible."

Lady Business: Ten Things That Would Have Been Good to Know At and After Graduation

What's the most useful career advice anyone ever gave you? Here's my best shot at dispensing words of wisdom that I wish someone had told me when I entered the workforce but I didn't know until later. Feel free to add some to the comments. I'm sure me and my imaginary boo, Ryan Gosling, are missing something.

B-Sides: First Aid Kit, Folk-Music Sister Act

First Aid Kit rose to fame after the sisters sent a demo of their song "Tangerine" to a local radio station in Sweden and were promptly signed by Rabid Records. The band's 2008 cover of Fleet Foxes' "Tiger Mountain Peasant Song" went viral on YouTube and even got the attention of the Fleet Foxes themselves, who had First Aid Kit perform the song with them at a concert in the...

End of Gender: Argentina Grants Gender Self-Determination

Last week, Argentina gave citizens the freedom to change their legal and physical gender without having to undergo medical, psychiatric, or judicial procedures. Along with eliminating patronizing barriers to swapping an "M" for an "F" on a driver's license, the law gives Argentinians a freedom you won't find anywhere else: gender self-determination.

Douchebag Decree: Side Boobs and Fat Babies—Five Not-So-Subtle Magazine Covers

We get it. Selling magazines is tough. As a feminist nonprofit swimming in publishing world, we know how hard it is to keep your head above water. (Completely unrelated: Do you have your Bitch magazine digital subscription yet?) But some magazines feel the need to push their publication with provocative cover photos and headlines in order to compete with the Huffington Post. ...

Fertile Ground: New Ads Say You Don

This is why solar panel company Sunrun's new ad campaign feels like a breath of fresh, sun-warmed air. It makes fun of solar energy's leftist hippie stigma in a way that's funny and relatable for, say, my dad. Or whoever else! These ads avoid the exhausting political rhetoric and instead treat renewable energy like any other old industry, which can have nothing but positive effects at...

Lady Business: When You Make More Money Than He Does

Women who bring home the bacon: Hot or not? The research is mixed. Some guys say, "Yes, please help me through this 'Mancession.'" Others say, "Me, GUY. You LADY. HULK SMASH." (Translation: Please, let's just keep participating in Patriarchy, it's fine just the way it's always been. Let me hold that door open for you, girl.)

Mad Men: Dark Shadows

We're thankful for last night's episode of Mad Men—whipped cream, Manischewitz and all.

Nobody wakes Don Draper up on a Sunday just to throw their failures in his face.

Adventures in Feministory: Mad Woman Mary Wells

Recently, some friends and I saw the film Art & Copy, a documentary about the creative minds that make up the best of the advertising business. Now, there is a lot to be said about the problems inherent in advertising, but even the most skeptical viewer in our group (me), had to admit that she was impressed by the poise, tenacity, and apparent coolness of some of the film's...

End of Gender: Gender Jams

While you anxiously await the next Against Me! album, here's a genderpocalyptic playlist of songs by trans and gender-nonconforming artists for gender-bending jammin' on every occasion.