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Fire, Dor, and Kari: Who Decides if a Work is Queer?

When people come to know I'm an Indian feminist (from India even! That, somehow, is always an extra bonus), after a quick round of, "What do you think about child marriage/sex-selective abortions/sati?" inevitably the question of the film Fire comes up. Hilariously, people are offended that I don't quite have an opinion or any interest in assessing whether Fire...

On Our Radar: Radical Nuns, Misogynist Backlash, and Deconstructing Femininity

Well, this has been another week.

  • Misogyny is still kickin', but Anita Sarkeesian of Feminist Frequency is kickin' right back. With over $100k to fund her project, she is pretty much unstoppable. Kate or Die! and Catiemonster sum it up in some awesome comics. [Feminist Frequency/Geek Feminism]
  • More in misogyny and gaming, the creators of the popular videogame, Tomb Raider...

BitchTapes: Forward!

Forward! from BitchTapes on 8tracks.

The word "forward" keeps popping up in my sphere. Wisconsinites wielded it during their recent recall election (it's their state motto). Obama has chosen it as his new campaign slogan.

I've decided to adapt it as my personal slogan as well. My life has gone in about a...

Douchebag Decree: American Apparel and Target: Hypocrite Corporations Using LGBTQ Pride to Make Money

American Apparel and Target you have earned our Douchebag Decree for trying to coporatize LGBTQ Pride although you have been anti-inclusive and homophobic. While Pride might only happen every June, it takes more than a recognition one month out of the year to truly be a company that cares about queer issues. 

Lady Business: On Confidence and Self-Advocacy

For a long time I was overly modest about my work and sometimes I still am. But I have male colleagues and peers who go overboard talking about themselves and their work. At the end of the day, they get better-paying and more frequent gigs because they know how to advocate for themselves. Nobody tells them that they need to pipe down because no one wants to hear it. Self-advocacy is huge.

The Dear White People Trailer is Great! The Comments Section is Depressingly Racist Though.

Dear White People, of Twitter and Tumblr fame, is making a movie! And it looks hilarious!

Sm{art}: Taking Back Tarot with the Collective Tarot

It makes sense that a centuries-old tradition would need an update. When Annie Murphy and her friends found that they couldn't identify traditional tarot decks, the five friends formed a collective to reimagine the deck while honoring the tradition of tarot. What came out was a more inclusive 78-card deck with illustrations from almost two dozen artists.

Effective or Just Plain Creepy? Snake and Rat Posters Aim to Prevent Teen Pregnancy

You might recall BabyCanWait's guerrilla teen-pregnancy prevention tactics from that "elaborate hoax" of a movie trailer they sprung on teens last year. They're back with a new campaign in partnership with United Way of Greater Milwaukee and Serve Marketing, and this one likens sexual predators to rats and snakes:

Ad copy reads, "When an older man has sex with an underage girl, it'...

Lady Business: When Men Get Credit for Inventing the Internet

Women rarely get credit for anything, especially not in the tech field, and generally not in any field where women are in the minority.

So, when the New York Times wrote about Ellen Pao's sexual discrimination lawsuit against venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, it will not suprise you that the lead essentially obscured women's contributions to the...

Bridal Party: Let's Get Married

I'd like to spend the next eight weeks with you looking at the history of weddings and marriage in Western culture, talking about how marriage is used as a tool of civil and economic inequality, and how the gender binary plays a role in how we think about weddings and helps to fuel the wasteful consumerism associated with THE SPECIAL DAY. Mainly I'd like to look at how anyone can say NO to the...