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End of Gender: Pink For Boys? Why "Sex-Appropriate" Colors Are Arbitrary

Back in the day, infants of all genders wore white frocks—white, because it could be bleached of any infant spewage, and frocks, because it's easier to wriggle a baby into a dress than into britches. Franklin Delano Roosevelt's 1884 toddler photo depicts our dignified to-be president sitting primly in a white skirt and patent leather shoes.  

Eventually, parents began dressing...

The Tales Of Feminist Conferences in India, and of Ice.

It is no surprise that India is a Big Brother-esque figure in South Asia, especially, in histories of nation-building (the Partition, the 1971 Bangladeshi War of Independence, the decades under IPKF in Sri Lanka are just the tip of the iceberg), as researchers, we carry these legacies on our bodies and words. What kind of "secular" feminism are we advocating, if this "secular" voice comes from...

Fertile Ground: Inga Muscio's Rose: Love in Violent Times

Inga Muscio's Rose: Love in Violent Times is a heart-wrenching journey, with ups and downs, depressing moments mirrored by inspirational ones. It is beautiful, and though it largely continues with Muscio's usual themes of feminism and antiracism, I would file this book under "ecofeminism" as well.

Muscio's latest, published last year, picks up where her...

Douchebag Decree: Jim Foley, Vice President of Victim Blaming, the University of Montana

When a rape victim went public with her story earlier this year, Jim Foley, Vice President of the University of Montana, sent an email asking if she could be punished under the Student Code of Conduct.

The Baz Luhrmann Index: Rating The Great Gatsby Trailer, Among Others

If your your dreams were filled with anachronistic pop songs and gold glitter last night, blame it on Baz Luhrmann. The trailer for his latest film, The Great Gatsby, hit the Internet yesterday like a Rolls Royce hitting Myrtle Wilson (too soon?).

The restlessness approached hysteria?

With its thumping soundtrack, glitz, glamour, tragic romance, and frenzied...

Lady Business: How Do You Navigate Boys Club Culture?

Be friends with the other women (unless they really suck), learn some sports, avoid businesses that promote boys clubby tendencies, and other ways to deal if you can't play golf (I am awful at it, not that I was invited) and you don't smoke cigars.

BiblioBitch: Three New Otherworldly Indie Comics

Need some new reading material? These three new indie comics by Kate Skelly, Angie Wang, and Julia Gfrörer will take you from an outer galaxy to a zombiefied forest, and will keep you occupied (and perhaps up all night with every light turned on). Click through for more!


End of Gender: Buck Angel Wants to See Your Cervix

If the Supreme Court signs off on Obamacare next month, queer and transgender people will take another step towards affordably and comfortably getting the plumbing checked.

But in order to reap the benefits of healthcare reform, we have to buck up and go to the doctor first.

Lady Business: Motherhood and Debt

At the height of attending my friends' baby showers, more than one feminist writer urged me to forego having children. Remaining childless is tempting in a world where the costs of raising kids and taking time off to help raise them are getting higher and higher.