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Bitch in a Box: Holiday Gift Guide, Illustrated Edition!

Today's post is for all the art lovers out there: a half-dozen art ideas from some of the illustrators we've had the pleasure of working with in the magazine. Check out our back issues to see more of their work, and don't forget our own limited-edition cover prints at Bitchmart...


Leslie A. Wood's (the Red issue, #52) Ron Swanson print would look fabulous hanging over...

Mom & Pop Culture: Drowning in the Fountain Of Youth

Dressing up and pretending to be an adult is a natural part of childhood. Adults (just like fairies, kings, or queens) hold a bit of allure and enticement for young kids, making it a treat to pretend to be them for a while.

Yet, in today's consumer-driven culture, the notion of "aging up" kids is happening in a way that has taken all the fun and pretend out of it. Clothing that is...

In The Frame: A Condensed Guide to Prominent Directors of Mainstream Museums in North America, Europe, and Australia

This blog series isn't just about women who produce art—it's also about the women who support and promote it. Like most industries, gender inequality is rife in the art world, but I thought it only fair to find out who is representing us and if there looks to be a shift towards more female directors of galleries and museums.

Bechdel Test Canon: The Watermelon Woman

Today we consider Cheryl Dunye's 1996 feature The Watermelon Woman and how and why certain filmmakers use fiction to write their own histories.

Bitch Radio: "We're Here, We're Beer, Get Used to It"

Tune in to this episode of Bitch Radio to hear an audio version of "We're Here, We're Beer, Get Used to It: Brewing up a tasty new paradigm for female beer enthusiasts" from the Underground issue of Bitch.

Bitch in a Box: Holiday Gift Guide, Budding Mycologist Edition!

You may see them scoffing at the chanterelle selection in your local New Seasons. Last month, they flaked out on your lunch date because it was a perfect day for "hunting." The symptoms of a budding mycologist are clear and consuming; they can barely walk downtown without checking every patch of bark-chips for emerging fungi.

If you're shopping for a mushroom lover this holiday season...

Thursday Night 'Lights: Christmas Time is Here

It's our final week with this lineup of NBC comedies, and each one rose to the challenge by providing enjoyable holiday-themed episodes. For the last time in 2011 (sniff), let's get recapping.

Bitchtapes: Gender Bender Covers 2.0

I like to think of cover songs as a gift from a band. In the holiday spirit I decided to put together a whole mix of gifts, and to carry on in the tradition of a previous Bitchtapes, make a playlist of gender-bending covers. 

The 99%: "Talk like a Cover Girl" and the Classing of Voice on America's Next Top Model

But most of the time, when Tyra is talking about the contestants' speech, she's talking about their accents.  And when she's talking about their accents, she's talking about class. 

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Let's face it, sometimes real life is just the moments between reading blogs.
  • "This is what sets Pariah apart from (white) singular-narrative LGBT films; it debunks the myth that life begins and ends between the point of self-acceptance, and a wedding." Spectra Speaks reviews Pariah at Racialicious.
  • Ashley Lauren at Feministe picks apart the troubling world of...