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Bibliobitch: A Q&A with the Editors of The Revolution Starts at Home

The Revolution Starts at Home: Confronting Intimate Violence Within Activist Communities is an incredible anthology (that started as a zine) out from South End Press providing essays, accounts, and testimonials about challenging assumptions about interpersonal violence while constructing and sharing new paths to healing and accountability.

Ching-In Chen and Leah Lakshmi Piepzna...

Pink Scare: What's behind the media panic about "princess boys"?

Ever since the age of 2, when his hair first started growing in, my son Elijah has been mistaken for a girl. As he grew, so did his curls; they now frame his face and inch toward his shoulders, with every offer to trim them rebuffed. Elijah was 3 when he started painting his toenails; he had been watching me give myself pedicures, and decided that his toes needed some color as well. Now, at 4...

Sealing the Deal: The wet and wild world of selkie romance novels

In 1972, Kathleen E. Woodiwiss published The Flame and the Flower. With this novel, Woodiwiss transformed the romance genre by making explicit what had previously been implied—that is, sex—and created a formula for success that romance authors would follow for decades. The archetypal romance plot of the post-Woodiwiss era goes like this: An innocent young woman experiences sexual...

Mothers of Intention: Five bloggers on race and erasure in the mommy blogosphere

Several months ago, Bitch published a piece on the vexing economy of mom blogs and the contentious personalities that have come to define their corner of the Internet, for better or worse. The discussion it sparked wasn't about whether mom blogs were, on balance, good or bad—it was about why they were so...white....

Murder, She Blogged: Violence on Screen

I'm not saying that violence should never be shown or described. We need our movies and TV shows and games and books to address issues of the violence in our culture, and violence against women is included in that. But some of these examples just play into the same old misogyny—without asking anything more of the audience—which is a shame and a missed opportunity.

Stage Left: "Mother Knows Best": on Abusive Parenting in TANGLED

Abusive parents are a real problem in the real world. I know more than a few people who upon seeing this movie connected Goethel's behavior with that of their own parents, and took it as a cue to reassess their relationships. And because of that I think that this film, despite its flaws, has accomplished something good. It represented a real issue in a way that doesn't soft-pedal it, which is...

In Her Own Words: Gloria Steinem on HBO

Much of the publicity for the new HBO documentary Gloria: In Her Own Words tells us that the movie was made because young people don't know who Steinem is. As people who are currently reading/writing feminist blog content, you and I probably aren't who they're talking about. Still, whether you're a seasoned veteran of the feminist movement or one of these young whippersnappers the...

We're All Mad Here: Going to the Loony Bin: A Brief History of the Asylum

Despite documenting abuses in the institutional environment in a way that might seem like a condemnation of institutionalization, pop culture often makes a point of separating out the hero from the actual crazy people. They may drift through the narrative as sources of inspiration and general interest; think of the Wise Crazy Person who advises the hero while he is trapped in the mental...

The Bitch High-Five: What's Your Favorite Summer Jam?

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B-Sides: Razika

Razika is Norwegian power pop made with two scoops of 2 Tone, rainbow sprinkles of '60s garage, and a cherry of jingle-jangle guitars on top. Yum! Bonus: Their album drops today in the US.