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Required Reading: Tampon Utopia

It's 2012. Are you ready for TEOTWAWKI?

Bitchtapes: Haters Gonna Hate

We've all been there—days when the world is out to get you, negative energy is raining down and you don't have an umbrella, or maybe you decided to read the comments section somewhere on the internet (now why did you go and do that?). The next time the bastards are grinding you down, blare this mix to shake 'em off. From pop stars to riot grrls, '60s folk to freak folk, these songs are an...

On Our Radar: Privilege Meets Video Games, Beth Ditto Meets The Dictator, and Feminism Gets PROBLEMATIC

Before you do anything this weekend, ask yourself: IS THIS FEMINIST? Then check out these links:

  • Help Hollaback! in the campaign to end campus harassment.
  • On, Michael Arceneaux calls out the hypocrisy of Chris Brown and Drake's slut-shaming of Rihanna.
  • Need to explain straight white male privilege to someone? At Whatever, John Scalzi puts it in gaming...

Watch Nate Smith's Hilarious "Hot Rom Comedy White Guy" Impressions

This video of Nate Smith and Freddi Scheib acting out romantic comedy press junket interviews reminds us that rom coms are usually ridiculous and starring some white guy plus Jennifer Aniston. The faux movie posters are my favorite part—I would be the first in line to see Justin Timberlake in The Love Goat. Make it happen, Hollywood!

Smith's impressions are pretty good, no?...

Portland Queer Documentary Film Festival Starts Today

The sixth annual Portland Queer Documentary Film Festival (or QDOC) is happening this weekend at the Kennedy School (nearby our office!) You can check out the full line-up of films at their website, but read through for some of our picks—from peeking inside the Celluloid Closet, to the openly-gay '70s superstar that never was, and a meditation on South African artist and activist...

Lady Business: You'd Make as Much as Men If You Shined Shoes

There's been a lot of discussion about the gender pay gap. But there are some jobs that pay women many more pennies than 77 cents to the dollar. Among them: Shoe Shiner, Butler, Secretary, and Computer Repair Technician.

Once Upon a Time There Was an Indian Village and Everyone Lived Happily Ever After

As a teacher to high school children, whenever we discussed social justice in the worlds of books we read, one question that would repeatedly come up was, "How do we understand privilege, if you say it is all around us—how can we work with the 'lowest' common denominator if there will always be more walls and more marginalization?"; and I remember not being to answer that question most of the...

End of Gender: Kate Bornstein Saves Lives, Including Her Own: A Review of A Queer and Pleasant Danger

Trans icon Kate Bornstein's memoir, A Queer and Pleasant Danger: The true story of a nice Jewish boy who joins the Church of Scientology and leaves twelve years later to become the lovely lady she is today, shines a bright, unflinching light on self-image, gender, and life on the far edge of the fringe.

Fertile Ground: Weight of the Nation, HBO? Let's Talk Industrial Agriculture First

Dear HBO,

I've been watching your miniseries, Weight of the Nation, and though you have some good information, I am largely disappointed. Not that I'm all that surprised—the title alone employs the same old fat-shaming rhetoric. "Look at these fat people!" your show says. Yeah yeah, health problems, diabetes, etc., blah blah. LOOK...

Douchebag Decree: Cathy McMorris Rodgers and the Authors of the Republican Violence Against Women Act

Yesterday, in a 222-205 vote, the House of Representatives voted to approve the Republican-authored version of the 2012 Violence Against Women Act. This version significantly strips the resources of undocumented, Native, and homosexual victims of violence, among others. Joe Biden, one of the original authors of the VAWA, says the revision will "roll back critical provisions to help victims of...