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Backlot Bitch: Retrieving the Past to Educate Our Future

The name Li Ling Ai is a mystery to film historians. Without her film available, we might never find out about one of the first Asian American producers in Hollywood history.

Gone Country: Five Things to Love (and Five Things to Shove) About Nashville

Last night, nine million of us set aside our differences, turned on our TVs, and watched Connie Britton and Hayden Panetierre go country. That's right y'all, it was the premiere of ABC's Nashville, a Music City version of All About Eve with enough rhinestones, twang, and Powers Boothe bitchface to fill the Grand Ole Opry (which they did, because the first few scenes were...

Douchebag Decree: Andrew Goldman and the Tippi point for social-media jerkery

Here's a brief test of étiquette. You're a writer accused of asking an inappropriate question to a famous actor in a national magazine. Another writer takes you to task for what she sees as a history of this kind of inappropriateness. Your response?

a.) Ignore the criticism—you can't please everyone, right?

b.) Explain yourself—you really didn't intend to offend.


It's Design Week, Portland!

Happening now is the first ever Design Week Portland, which celebrates design as one of our city's most promising cultural and economic resources through a series of talks, exhibits, films, and open studios all across town.

Watch This: Amy Poehler to Produce a Broad City Series for Comedy Central

News broke yesterday that Comedy Central ordered an Amy Poehler-produced pilot based on the popular web series Broad City.

Tales From The Crip: Sex Surrogacy in "The Sessions"

Polio just got a whole lot sexier! That's because later this month The Sessions, a new film starring the always incredible John Hawkes (and directed by Ben Lewin, who's disabled) will be making the rounds in theaters. I am extremely excited.

Backlot Bitch: Problems with "The Paperboy"

At long last, the movie that brings us Nicole Kidman taking a piss on Zac Efron is available for your viewing pleasure (in NY and LA, with select cities this Friday). But this is not just the movie of the tinkle heard across Cannes. This subplot-ridden movie straddles a fine line between exploitation and melodrama, with mixed results. It's filmed in a grainy style that's supposed to reference...

Reconsider Columbus Day: Resource Roundup and Open Thread

If all you know for sure about Columbus Day is that some guy did something in 1492, consider spending part of your "holiday" today learning more. Then reconsider Columbus Day altogether, because it's a truly shameful part of US history that should be remembered but certainly not celebrated.

To really celebrate, we'd also have to kill that someone.

Project Runway Season 10: Avant-Garded

It was an avant-garde "electric fantasie" on last night's Project Runway, and if you don't know what that means don't worry—the designers had no clue either.

This is not our beautiful house.

BitchTapes: Autumn

October is here again and the weather here in Portland is starting to shift. Yep—it's fall, a time of transition. For some, it means headin' back to class, and for others it marks the end of their favorite season. For me, it means crankin' out a cozy mix of songs about autumn to help me get through the days of spiked cider and pumpkin pie. Luckily we're just two weeks into this season and...