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Lady Business: You want food stamps to go with that advanced degree?

So, I thought the point of making the investment to get more education was to not rely on government assistance. I want to be careful about my tone, since I was a welfare recipient as a child. I don't think we should stigmatize men or women who need assistance, but this is a frightening precedent for institutions to set for women and families.

Fertile Ground: Heartland Institute Pulls "Unabomber" Climate Change Billboard

The conservative organization Heartland Institute pulled a billboard recently featuring a photo of "Unabomber" Ted Kaczynski, with his supposed voice saying in scary maroon letters: "I still believe in Global Warming. Do you?" (Two other billboards featured Fidel Castro and Charles Manson. Of course they did.)

Not Buying It: 10 TV Shows Ranked by Wardrobe Believability

There are plenty of shows on television right whose characters sport highly realistic wardrobes, and there are just as many that definitely don't. I crowdsourced (read: asked people on Facebook and Twitter) some examples of both recently and have ranked 10 shows based on a completely unscientific wardrobe believability index. My only criteria were that the show in question: A. is currently on...

End of Gender: It's a [Heteronormatively Gendered] Girl!

Even in the most progressive families, some traditions trap us in gender boxes before we're even born.

Lady Business: Introducing a Blog About Women, Money, and Business

Some people will tell you that pennies are useless, but J. Victoria Sanders keeps hers for fun times with Coinstar machines. Before she started this guest blog, she was also a secret business nerd. Now, she can express her love for Suze Orman, studies about work and motherhood, and how career women are portrayed in popular culture for Bitch.

Mad Men: Just Taste It!

Last night's Mad Men had us reaching for our Sylvia Plath books, our Gilmore Girls DVDs, and our tubs of Cool Whip.

Okay, maybe not the Cool Whip.

On Our Radar: Protesting Seventeen, Illustrating Wheelchairs, and Remembering MCA

  • In sad news, we lost rapper, artist, producer, and activist Adam Yauch today to cancer. We'll miss you, MCA.
  • Rosario Dawson and America Ferrera are cast in an upcoming indie film on Caesar Chavez. Dawson will play activist Dolores Huerta, Ferrera will play Chavez's wife. 
  • Wow. No words for the Chronicle of Higher Education publishing Naomi Schaefer Riley's call...

End of Gender: Reading List for the Genderpocalypse

If you've learrned anything from zombie flicks, you know that when the end is near, it's time to prepare.  And it's probably a good time to catch up on all of that reading you've been putting off.

Below, you'll find a reading list to prepare you for the genderpocalypse.

BitchTapes: Hip Hoppers

There are a lot of young women emcees out there right now making great hip hop that's political, sexy, and fun. Here are ten tracks by artists that should be on your radar! Track list after the jump.

Hip Hoppers from BitchTapes on 8tracks.

Fertile Ground: Bryant Terry's The Inspired Vegan

Bryant Terry's The Inspired Vegan is aptly named; it's truly, well, inspiring. Terry, who dubs himself an "eco-chef," is more than just a cookbook author, and this is more than just a cookbook. It is a delicious spark of revolution and call to action, and filled with many delectable recipes, along with the music, literature, and art that inspired his menus....