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BitchTapes: I've Got a Question

Inspired by the Beach Boys "I Know There's an Answer," I'm going to take a look at the question in rock. From "Why Don't We Do It in the Road?" (answer: no) to "Do You Think I'm Sexy?" (answer: it's complicated) questions give artists ways to both push forward the narrative and to put the audience in a character's shoes. What follows are 15 prime examples of the inter-rock-ative (ha...

End of Gender: Not Your Mother's Storybooks

A new wave of children's books depicts families who encourage their kids to be who they are.

Visi(bi)lity: The L Word

In the comments of Wednesday's post, Anita pointed out that Queer As Folk is not the only Showtime program that struggles in its depiction of bisexuality. When discussing depictions of biphobia in the gay community, one can't avoid The L Word. The difference between the shows as I see it, however, is that if Queer As Folk suffers from bi invisibility, The L Word...

Douchebag Decree: Governor Scott Walker, General in the War on Women

It comes as no surprise that when Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker signed over 50 bills last Thursday, several of those bills limited women's reproductive rights. However, Walker took his douchery to a new level by repealing the state's Equal Pay Enforcement Act. Governor Scott Walker you have earned a Douchebag Decree for taking your sexism a step beyond reproductive health issues,...

Happy 96th Birthday, Beverly Cleary!

As a Portland native and book lover, I've spent my whole life obsessed with Beverly Cleary. I wore the spines out of all of her books, my mom took us to Grant Park when they unveiled the Beverly Cleary statue garden (and Madame Cleary herself was there!), my cousin works at Beverly Cleary Middle School, I watched the crap out of my taped-from-TV copies of that late '80s Ramona series...

Fertile Ground: A Witch's History Lesson

To me, witches are the quintessential ecofeminists.

"Witch" is a word that was sullied by various groups of long ago, but it's been reclaimed by herbalists like me. Witches and the word "witch" have many meanings in many cultures, but for the purposes of this post, I will touch on just one context, one dark moment of history: The suppression of witches—or healers who...

End of Gender: Paige Schilt on "Genderful" Parenting and Teaching Kids to Think Critically

I caught up with parent/teacher/blogger/activist Paige Schilt to get her take on the new wave of parenting emerging from the genderpocalypse.

New Video: Feminist Frequency Compares the Hunger Games Book and Movie

The always-awesome Anita Sarkeesian of Feminist Frequency has a new video up today comparing the book and movie versions of The Hunger Games. She makes some great points about the humanizing (or lack thereof) of the tributes, the irony of watching people watch people kill one another for entertainment, and the whitewashing of Katniss and Hollywood in general.

May the Ads Be Ever in Your Favor: Mad Men Meets the Hunger Games!

What would happen if the Capitol sent 24 characters from Mad Men to the arena to kill or be killed? Would Betty's ennui be enough to take on Don's powers of manipulation? Does Sally have what it takes to compete against Joan? Can Roger convince his sponsors to keep the booze coming? Which Mad Men tribute truly has the odds ever in their favor?

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HBO's Girls reviews are in: "profoundly bland, unstoppably irritating"?

We haven't seen Lena Dunham's hotly anticipated HBO series Girls yet (Jay-Z, send us those screeners if you're done with them, please), but this review by Asawin Suebsaeng for Mother Jones has us a little nervous for Sunday night.