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Tales From The Crip: Sex Surrogacy in "The Sessions"

Polio just got a whole lot sexier! That's because later this month The Sessions, a new film starring the always incredible John Hawkes (and directed by Ben Lewin, who's disabled) will be making the rounds in theaters. I am extremely excited.

Backlot Bitch: Problems with "The Paperboy"

At long last, the movie that brings us Nicole Kidman taking a piss on Zac Efron is available for your viewing pleasure (in NY and LA, with select cities this Friday). But this is not just the movie of the tinkle heard across Cannes. This subplot-ridden movie straddles a fine line between exploitation and melodrama, with mixed results. It's filmed in a grainy style that's supposed to reference...

Reconsider Columbus Day: Resource Roundup and Open Thread

If all you know for sure about Columbus Day is that some guy did something in 1492, consider spending part of your "holiday" today learning more. Then reconsider Columbus Day altogether, because it's a truly shameful part of US history that should be remembered but certainly not celebrated.

To really celebrate, we'd also have to kill that someone.

Project Runway Season 10: Avant-Garded

It was an avant-garde "electric fantasie" on last night's Project Runway, and if you don't know what that means don't worry—the designers had no clue either.

This is not our beautiful house.

BitchTapes: Autumn

October is here again and the weather here in Portland is starting to shift. Yep—it's fall, a time of transition. For some, it means headin' back to class, and for others it marks the end of their favorite season. For me, it means crankin' out a cozy mix of songs about autumn to help me get through the days of spiked cider and pumpkin pie. Luckily we're just two weeks into this season and...

On Our Radar: Banned Books, Sex Talk, and Being a Bad Feminist

Another Friday, another links roundup! Here's what we've been reading this week:

  • It's Banned Book Week! Read a banned book to celebrate. If you need suggestions, check out Anna Clark's piece on how Beloved is taught in schools. [Daily Beast]
  • What's missing from the national conversation about birth control? Here's a hint: Says Chloe Angyal, "We are having a...

Unraveling the Ribbon: Breast Cancer Awareness Month isn't just about pink.

It's breast cancer awareness month again: Rite-Aid is selling pink TicTacs, rosé is on sale at Whole Foods, and Sephora is hawking a "Breast Cancer Awareness Makeup Palette."

If you're suffering from awareness overload, you're not alone. 

When it comes to breast cancer, we're inundated with what health studies professor Samantha King calls a "tyranny of cheerfulness."...

Beyond Judy Blume: Q&A with YA Author Mayra Lazara Dole

Did you hear that Bitch hosted a YA book club in Portland last week? We discussed Down to the Bone, a YA novel by Mayra Lazara Dole about Shai, a Cuban American teen in Miami who is kicked out of her school and home after her secret relationship with a girl is exposed. Down to the Bone was originally released in 2008, but Dole published an updated version with Bella...

Tales From The Crip: Turner Classic Movies Explores Disability in Film with "The Projected Image"

 Turner Classic Movies (TCM) is dedicating each Tuesday this month to examining and deconstructing historical depictions of disability in film. This is important.

Men Who Rock! Funny Because it's Sexist (and True).

In this week's edition of The Stranger, Emily Nokes and Bree McKenna hilariously turn sexist music journalism on its head with their local bands feature "Men Who Rock!"

Guys who aren't afraid to get their rock on!