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WTF Files: New York Times Deems Camila Vallejo the "World

Today in post-feminism-my-ass news, the New York Times homepage leads with the headline, "Camila Vallejo, the World's Most Glamorous Revolutionary."

Ah, the glamour of it all.

Douchebag Decree: Belvedere Takes Lack of Consent to New Level

Remember the brief history of this Belvedere ad? The ad, reading "Unlike some people, Belvedere always goes down smooth," and pictured a visibly upset woman being pulled down into the lap of a dude with the skeeviest smile ever, was posted last week on the vodka company's Facebook page. Once it (immediately) started catching flak, it was taken down. The ad, which unsubtly evokes sexual...

Visi(bi)lity: Invisi(bi)lity in the Culture Wars

For better or worse, I tend to pay close attention to public figures who come out of the closet. I feel strange about doing so because ultimately, knowing someone's sexual orientation shouldn't change one's perception of them. But instinctually, I find myself drawn to celebrities when they begin publicly identifying as a part of the LGBT community. I believe it's part of human nature to look...

BiblioBitch: Five Righteous Books of Poetry that Changed My Life

I've always felt poetry to be above me, something I could not connect with or fully understand. Or that poetry by women was always sappy (I've since realized that learning about poetry through a white male canonic lens brainwashed me into thinking that way). After hearing my friend Lisa Wells read from her new chapbook Beast I knew there was something incredibly deep and moving to be...

End of Gender: Urban Outfitters' Epic Fail

This week Urban Outfitters added yet another epic fail to the clothing company's laundry list of misdeeds by selling a transphobic greeting card.

Using our bodies to get a laugh is just mean. Since UO has previously used our bodies as clothing racks from which to swipe our paisley shirts and skinny jeans, the insult comes with an extra bite.

Fertile Ground: Intro to Ecofeminist Thought

Who am I, and why am I talking about this? For starters, I live and work as an organic farmer. I initially became interested in organic farming as I become interested in many things—wanting a tangible way to create some good in the world. I help plants grow and thrive, and I do it in the name of growing healthy food for people. We (my husband and I) get to take care and nourish of a bit...

B-Sides: Colleen Green

Tip: Find a friend with a convertible, or a friend with one of those bikes with a fat sound system on it, and get Colleen Green's recently re-released Milo Goes to Compton. Wait for a sunny day, combine said friend's form of open-air transportation with the album, and cruise around town, maybe with some iced tea. Even if Colleen Green sings about down days (and being really...

Adventures in Feministory: Harilyn Rousso, Disability Activist and Feminist

After what Rousso describes as a childhood full of ups and downs and other children asking why she was "crippled," Rousso grew up to pursue higher education despite what some saw as barriers—her disability and her gender. She earned a degree from Brandeis University in economics in 1968, which landed her a job in Washington D.C. in the Office of Economic Opportunity and also exposed...

Planned Parenthood Turned Down a Fat Donation From Tucker Max, For Good Reason.

Douche du tous les jours Tucker Max is in the news again today, and this time it's for an attempted publicity stunt involving a $500,000 donation to Planned Parenthood.

Visi(bi)lity: Performing Bisexuality

There are few songs I like less than Katy Perry's "I Kissed A Girl." I dislike most of her music (that skit she did with Elmo, however, is adorable), but "I Kissed A Girl" bothers me most of all. You'd think such a song would be tailor-made for me—after all, I have, in fact, kissed girls and liked it! But it's really not a song for me, or for any other queer woman (even though I know queer...