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Mad Men: Betty's Back, and Harry & Don Go to White Castle

Last night's Mad Men brought us the return of Betty, not one but TWO new SCDP employees, and a bag of mini burgers best consumed in Don's car outside of a Rolling Stones concert.

Is anyone else worried that Peggy might be shaking on more than she bargained for with this guy?

The End of Gender: The Beginning of the End

Last June, NPR reported that the "end of gender" was near, citing everything from gender-neutral prom courts to clothing ads to suggest that perhaps people aren't so hung up on the male/female gender binary anymore. But despite the growing trend of gender neutrality, the response to disappearing gender constructs in politics and in popular culture isn't always positive.

BitchTapes: Twee as F*ck

Got the winter's-over-but-not-quite blues, friends? Well, we're here with a bunch of clap-happy twee pop to jingle jangle and shoo dee doo that frown right off your face! 

On Our Radar: Responding to the Hunger Games Racists, Boycotting Katy Perry, and META mag!

Here's what we've been reading this week:

  • Issa Rae responds to racist tweets following her web series The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl's Shorty Award win on xoJane. (Read Rae's Bitch interview here.)
  • Bim Adewunmi at Comment is Free tackles the racist response to The Hunger Games and why sadyly, she isn't surprised. 
  • META ...

Douchebag Decree: Forever 21 Hates Your Knees

Not content to just Photoshop its models to look thinner and younger, megaretailer Forever 21 is now airbrushing out their kneecaps. Kneecaps! Sooo gross right?

School's Out: Parting Thoughts

Today marks the end of my time as a guest blogger for Bitch. Eight weeks and 24 posts later, I've learned a lot from the editors (thank you, Kelsey!) and readers about writing and politics. And the politics of writing. Rather than end off by talking specifically about a particular topic at the intersection of youth, sexuality, and education, I want to reflect on the nature of doing analytical...

Visi(bi)lity: Post-Bi? What Skins Can Teach Us About Labels

Throughout this series, we've talked a lot about labels. Identifying as gay or straight can be complicated enough; for those of us somewhere in the middle, it gets even trickier. Discussions over "bi" versus "queer" versus "pansexual" versus "fluid" get very complicated, very quickly. It makes me wonder: Why are we so hung up on labels? Do we even need labels anymore?

Political Fictions: Sci-Fi Politicians

So far we've looked at fictional female politicians who hold office in what is supposed to be our modern reality. Some of the problematic aspects of these characters have included oversexualization, a tendency toward irrationality or emotional response, and being driven by petty politics. We've also seen these characters depicted as needing to have enough energy to do the job of governing...

School's Out: Jenna Talackova, Pageant Culture, and "Expert" Discourse

The Toronto Star reported yesterday that a woman named Jenna Talackova, 23, was disqualified from the Miss Universe Canada contest last week "after it was discovered she was born male." The article goes on to emphasize the "authenticity" of Talackova's female gender identity, saying that she "knew by age 4 that she was a girl…began hormone therapy treatments at 14 and underwent...

Sm{art}: 5 Menstrual Blood Artists/Projects Worth Seeing

Tired of that worn-out trope that women are impossible to work with or aren't creative when they are "on the rag"? Well these five artists/projects are defying this belief, using menstruation as fuel for empowerment and art.

Some of the images after the jump are NSFW.