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Sm{art}: Q&A with Artist/Activist Christi Furnas

At 25, Christi Furnas was diagnosed with schizophrenia. This queer-identified woman has used her disability as inspiration for making beautiful art and connecting with other mentally ill artists. Based in Minneapolis, MN, Furnas has been involved with Spectrum Artworks, an organization that serves as a community and studio space for artists with mental illness.

I emailed Christi...

Too Hot For White House TV: Michelle Obama's "Biggest" Mistake

When Ragen Chastain learned that Michelle Obama was appearing on The Biggest Loser to promote the show's contestants as role models, she felt she had to do something. " I e-mailed my friend Darryl Roberts, filmmaker of America the Beautiful 2: The Thin Commandments. We wrote a well-researched article pointing out the problems with Mrs. Obama endorsing the contestants as role...

WTF Files: Samsung's "Too Smart For Amy" Camera Ad

Wouldn't it be so funny if a company marketed a "smart" camera by making fun of a "stupid" woman? Take it away, Samsung!

Too smart for Amy. Too obnoxious for the general public.

End of Gender: "Hard-Wired" Debate is Hard to Swallow

Studies on hard-wired sex differences suggest that even Barbie, whose careers have ranged from astronaut to computer engineer, struggles in the science. Why? Because she's a woman.

Yet according to a recent CBC radio story on the "man brain/ woman brain" debate, some psychologists believe that these "studies" lead to unhealthy stereotyping and self-fulfilling prophesies.

Mad Men: At the Codfish Ball

Last night's Mad Men blew us away!

You know what we mean.

Fertile Ground: Food Banks, Nutrition, and the Romney Delusion

Though it may seem like old news now, Ann Romney's positioning by the GOP as the epitome of womanly motherhood is important here. It is no secret that the Romney family is out-of-this-world wealthy. Ann Romney's stayed-at-home child-rearing therefore brings up many issues, including nutrition access for the less-than-wealthy and what it is to be a mother raising...

BitchTapes: Royal Wedding Anniversary Mix!

This weekend marks the one-year anniversary of THE ROYAL WEDDING (a.k.a. the biggest media frenzy of our lifetimes, a.k.a. the time you stayed up late eating rice cakes tweeting about Pippa Middleton, a.k.a. something you maybe didn't care about but still saw on the news the next day, etc.). In honor of the royal couple's anniversary, I am re-publishing this Royal Wedding Mix I made last year...

On Our Radar: UniteWomen, Remembering Left Eye, and "Brogrammers"

Here's what we're reading this week:

  • Unite Agains the War on Women is tomorrow! Visit to find a march or rally near you.
  • San Francisco is buzzing about the recently opened antique vibrator museum. These vibrators are featured in the new film Hysteria (to be reviewed in our next magazine issue!)
  • North Carolina pledges "atonement" for forced...

End of Gender: His n' Hers n' Hens

Swedes are tossing out their "His n' Hers" bath towels in favor of language that's a little more inclusive.

Earlier this month Sweden's online National Encyclopedia adopted the gender-neutral pronoun "hen" in addition to "he" [han] and "she" [hon]. Post-media explosion, the controversy extends beyond the Swedish-speaking world.

Slate reports that Sweden's...

Video: Shit Girls Say About the Show GIRLS

Well, you knew this was coming. With everyone talking about GIRLS (and the "Shit Girls Say" guy landing a book deal), this "Shit Girls Say About GIRLS" video was as inevitable as a future filled with sex robots. And I have to admit, even though I am a "Shit Girls Say" hater, I laughed at this.

Check it out but be warned: The Internet just might be collapsing on itself...