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Katy Perry is Billboard's Woman of the Year... But Who is RetroPop's Woman of All the Years?

Mazel tov, Katy Perry, for being named Billboard's Woman of the Year for 2012. But for RetroPop purposes, who is the Woman of ALL THE YEARS?

Victoria's Secret's "Go East" Goes Away

Hardly known for being tasteful, Victoria's Secret hit a new low earlier this month with its "Sexy Little Geisha" lingerie. As Nina Jacinto put it on Racialicious, "It's the kind of overt racism masked behind claims of inspired fashion and exploring sexual fantasy that makes my skin crawl." This offensive cloud has a silver lining, however: Thanks to the power of the Internet and righteously...

Watch This: The Subversive Humor of "DIY Bride"

Mikala Bierna is best known for her her Disappointing Gay Best Friend series, which lampooned tired gay stereotypes. She's at it again with her new video "DIY Bride," where she pokes fun at the Wedding Industrial Complex.

Never forget: You can't spell bridey without DIY!

Body Revolution: Is Lady Gaga's New Project Resisting Beauty Standards or Reinforcing Them?

Earlier today, Lady Gaga posted photos of herself in her underwear on her website with the caption: "Bulimia and anorexia since I was 15" and launched a new project encouraging fans to "make our flaws famous, and thus redefine the heinous."

Anything that pushes back against body snarking and encourages body diversity and acceptance is a good thing, obviously, but is Body Revolution...

Tales From The Crip: Ready, Willing, and Disabled

What's up Bitches!?

Ahem. I mean "Hello, distinguished readers of the Bitch community. Pleased to make your acquaintance. How do you do?" My name is Caitlin and this is my new blogging series, "Tales From The Crip." I hope you enjoy it and that we can be friends. Or at the very least, be frenemies who engage in some stimulating conversations.

RetroPop: Britney Spears and Virginia Woolf

What do the secret lives of Britney Spears and Virginia Woolf have in common? More than you think.

BitchTapes: Shout Back!

Earlier this month, Vancouver, BC hosted the first (and fingers crossed, annual) Shout Back! — an all-ages, queer, radical, D.I.Y., anarcha-feminist music festival. Nearly 50 bands played over the hectic span of 2.5 days. From cabaret to punk, twee pop to noise, this BitchTapes is devoted to a few (yes, 15 is a few) of the bands and solo musicians from the Shout Back! 2012 bill.


On Our Radar: Mindy Kaling Backlash, Fifty Shades of Chopin, and Why Amanda Palmer Still Doesn't Get It.

T.G.I.O.O.R.! Let's hit the links!

  • Have you seen The Mindy Project yet? Nisha Chittal breaks down the backlash against Kaling for being "smug" (read: successful, not white, and not a dude). No one puts Mindy in a corner! [Racialicious]
  • Kickstarter millionaire Amanda Palmer has agreed to pay her musicians, but Mary Elizabeth Williams argues that she still doesn't...

Project Runway Season 10: Origami Rose and Disco Turkey on Stage for One Night Only!

The designers kicked up their heels (and a whole lotta sparkly fabric) during last night's Rockettes challenge.

If only our outfits were shinier...

Beyond Judy Blume: Q&A with Polkadot Author Talcott Broadhead

Perhaps you caught sight of Polkadot, Talcott Broadhead's forthcoming gender non-binary children's book series, when the project reached its Kickstarter goal in April. In this Q&A, author Broadhead talks about how Polkadot will differ from other children's books in which gender identity is central to the story, why celebrating trans* and non-binary identities in...