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B-Sides: Hysterics Go on Tour!

The Hysteric's sole blog post has a neat hook. They've backdated it to October 30, 1989, suggesting two things: All Hallows' Eve, and old-school punk rock. The date implies both the sugary rush of Halloween menace ("this song is about the true promise of Halloween, extorting candy by threat, from parents") and the post-Reagan years when punk realized there was still an establishment to...

SNL Adds First-Ever Fat Woman to New Cast

After losing some regulars last season—Abby Elliott, Kristen Wiig, Andy Samberg, and Jason Sudeikis (maybe)—Saturday Night Live announced the three new cast members who'll be joining the show's 38th season. One of the three is Aidy Bryant, a Second City alum who just happens to be fat. Though SNL has long showcased the work of funny fat men like Chris Farley, Horatio Sanz,...

That's so MANteresting!

When I was in elementary school, we played a game in P.E. where we basically just threw foam balls at targets. My mean gym teacher Ms. Heinz would make the girls stand closer to the targets than the boys, because presumably 8-year-old males have rocket arms or something while 8-year-old females need special accommodations just to get a nerf ball off the ground (not the case). I remember...

On Our Radar: Jay-Z, Amy Poehler, and the Mom-in-Chief

Another week, another roundup!

  • You've read Zadie Smith's On Beauty, now read her On Jay-Z [New York Times]
  • Having trouble coming to terms with Amy Poehler and Will Arnett's divorce? Bitch contributor Anne Helen Peterson explains why that might be. [Celebrity Gossip, Academic Style]
  • Only two days left to help the Lakota Sioux raise funds to...

BitchTapes: Heaven, Hell, God, and the Devil

Even those of us with all-but-zero religious upbringing can have a soft spot or two (or even 11, as you can find itemized below) for music on holy and unholy topics—with and without a splash of irony. (I actually sung every Sunday at a drive-in church in Florida in my late teens, but that's another story.) If you too can get into some jams about Jesus or dance to some devilish ditties, here's...

Project Runway Season 10: Hardly Art, Hardly Starving

The designers raised fabric money on the street in last night's "Starving Artist" challenge.

Don't let the cute signs fool you—they were terrible salespeople.

Third Annual Not Enough! Queer Music and Arts Festival This Weekend

Didn't it seem like just last week Portland had an awesome, two-day DIY festival? Start gearing up for another weekend of music, art, and community with Not Enough! Queer Music and Arts Festival. 

Beyond Judy Blume: Four New YA Books with LGBT Characters

Author Malinda Lo did some sleuthing last year and concluded that less than 1% of YA books published from 2000-1011 have LGBT characters. This year, Lo estimates that 1.6% of YA books published will include LGBT main characters. An improvement, but we've still got a long way to go.

Have you been keeping on top of 2012's YA lit with LGBT characters? Which books have you...

Get Ready Portland: It's MusicFestNW!

If you can hear a band tuning up outside your office window right now, you know what time it is: MusicFestNW Time!

Surprise! "The New Normal" is New and Also Normal

A sitcom about a married couple who loves each other, wants a baby, and has wacky acquaintances is hardly groundbreaking new territory for network TV. NBC's new Ryan Murphy show The New Normal is another in a long line of focused-on-the-family television fare, but with one significant twist: The married people at its center are gay men. That's interesting, sure, and I'm all for more...