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Pen 15 Club: The "BIC for Her" Debacle is About Sexism, Not Social Media

You may have seen the hilarious Amazon customer reviews for the BIC "For Her" Ball Pen that have been circulating the web this week. Written in response to BIC's ludicrous idea that women need a pen with an "Elegant design - just for her!" and a "Thin barrel to fit a women's hand," the reviews are smart, sarcastic, and sounding alarms in the social media world for all the wrong reasons...

RetroPop: Is Adele's "Rolling In The Deep" a Riff on Mary Shelley's Frankenstein?

In the spirit of collaboration, as this entire concept for this post was dreamed up by commenter Green, I asked the friend I'm currently visiting if I could pick her brain on the topic. I launched the Adele question. There was a long pause. "What about…. Frankenstein?" she asked. And then, as though I was the Joey character from Blossom, I was all like, "Whoah!...

Five Things to Love About The Mindy Project Pilot

As a 30-year-old, pop culture-loving, unmarried, short, dark-haired, bookish woman who loves to drink champagne and wear sequins, I'd have to change my name to Mindy if I wanted to fit any more squarely into The Mindy Project's target demographic. The show, which premieres September 25th but whose pilot is currently streaming on Hulu, stars creator Mindy Kaling as Mindy Lahiri...

"These criticisms come from love": Reviewing the 8th Annual Afropunk Festival

Despite the impressive amount of revelers who came out to enjoy last weekend's 8th annual Afropunk Festival in Brooklyn's Commodore Barry Park, there were looming criticisms about how this year's festival deviated from the nonconformist and anti-consumerism philosophy at the heart of the Afropunk scene.

Erykah Badu on stage with Cannabinoids.

RetroPop: Jolting "Wide Awake" With Katy Perry, Maya Angelou, and Sylvia Plath

Today, the mash-ups that came to mind—Katy Perry, Maya Angelou, and Sylvia Plath—are a tiny smidge more controversial than usual, but all I mean to do is share some works that I believe have echoes of each other and start a discussion. Just a bit of a Tuesday shakeup. Are you ready for some shaking? Shukka shukka, here we go!

WTF Files: Jan Brewer Thinks You're Pregnant Two Weeks Before Conception (and she signed a bill to prove it!)

If the "Women's Health and Safety Act," which defines pregnancy as beginning two weeks prior to conception, didn't freak you out four months ago, maybe this news will: On Thursday, Arizona Governor (and on-the-record Douchebag) Jan Brewer signed the bill. Stay douche-y, Brewer!

You look pregnant to me.

Adventures in Feministory: Margaret Tucker

Margaret "Marge" Tucker was a 20th-century Australian Aboriginal activist, organizer, and writer.

Born on the Moonahculla Reservein 1904, Tucker (at the age of 13) and her sister (who was 11) were forcibly separated from their mother and sent to Cootamundra Girls' Home, where they were trained to be domestic workers for two years. She then went to work for little pay for white families...

True Blood: Save Yourself

It was a shenanigans-packed finale on last night's True Blood! Should we have expected anything less?

LaLa's face says it all.

BitchTapes: Blame It on the Bossa Nova

Although it's often used as a stand-in for elevator music, bossa nova really doesn't deserve the square reputation it's somehow acquired. When it began, it was actually considered cool and bohemian (bossa nova literally translates to "new trend"). If you've never listened, it's time to give bossa nova another try, and what better way than to check out the many great ladies of bossa nova past...

On Our Radar: Queers of Color in Media, Todd Akin's Stupidity, and Amy Poehler's New PSA

Summer's winding down, I'm reporting from the East Coast, and this has been another week. What's up?

    • The latest episode of The Peculiar Kind features queers of color in media, plus, there's bonus part of the episode where we get to know the featured artists a little bit better! [The Peculiar Kind]
    • In case you haven't heard, Todd Akin is the worst. Let...