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The Games We Play: The Default Hero

Despite the fact that, according to the ESA, gamers are about 40% women and girls (to be really general), it doesn't seem that the world of developers and marketers has caught on terribly to these stats. Or to many things, actually.

"Mutant Girls Squad" and the Horrific Adolescent

On Friday, I saw the Noboru Iguchi, Yoshihiro Nishimura, and Tak Sakagucki-helmed Japanese flick Mutant Girls Squad as part of the Northwest Film Center's Portland International Film Festival (PIFF.) From the synopsis, I expected a girl power-y saga of young women bonding over their new superpowers and fighting off comic book-esque villains at each other's behest... something like X-...

Sex and the Fat Girl: Ask a Fat Girl #1

Here's my first installment answering your questions for the "Ask a Fat Girl" series. I thought it would be fun to record my answers by audio and include a transcript. Enjoy!

Transcript (PDF)

Adventures in Feministory: Charlotte Perkins Gilman

Charlotte Perkins Gilman is perhaps most famous for her 1892 short story, "The Yellow Wall-Paper," about a woman who's confined to her bed for a "nervous condition" after she fails to experience what her husband and doctor insist is the universal bliss of motherhood. During her bed rest imprisonment, she begins to see a woman trapped behind the wallpaper in her room. The story is famous for...

The Games We Play: The Way I Play

Oh, Pickaxe Pete, the times we spent together!

Video games have long been a fascinating escape for me. I've never been and can not now be what one would consider a "hardcore" gamer, but ever since I received my first gaming system—a hand-me-down Magnavox Odyssey²—I've enjoyed games as a way to get away. It hasn't been until recently that I've had the privilege to apply the lens of social...

Beyond The Panel: An Interview with Sam Orchard of Rooster Tails

Rooster Tails is a year-old comic by Sam Orchard in which he "explores [his life as] a simple transguy transitioning in the lower half of the South Island of New Zealand." Sam and his boyfriend Joe are both joyful and thoughtful as narrators, discussing their relationship, their masculinity, and their community. It's a colorful, funny, and optimistic weekly journal comic that I found through...

No Kidding: Do You Still Have Your Uterus?

After I got my tubes tied last year, I got a lot of questions from friends (and strangers) about what a tubal ligation actually means. It's not a common procedure for a young (under 30), relatively healthy childfree woman to have, and most of my friends (parents and non-parents) rely on other forms of birth control, permanent or otherwise. I realize that a lot of Bitch readers know a lot about...

Race Card: How the Academy Awards Bungled Race

After the 83rd Academy Awards, late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel quipped that the only African-American nominee at the Oscars was Black Swan. "Happy Black History Month," he added sardonically. Kimmel's far from the only one bemoaning the dearth of black Oscar nominees this year. Clearly, the producers of this year's Oscars recognized the omission as well and took measures to ensure the...

No Kidding: Can You Compare Human and Animal Children?

Before I launch into talking more about sterilization and permanent birth control next week, I want to quickly touch on (and probably later come back to) something that's been on my radar the last week or so. You no doubt realize I read tabloid gossip if I'm able to come up with a photo montage like this one. So imagine my surprise when I read what Italian model-actress—known lately as George...

From the Library: Librarians on the Tube

What do Community, Parks and Recreation, and Episodes all have in common? Besides being popular sitcoms, these shows have all got something to say about librarians.