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Isn't He Lovely: Male Body Image Standards Are "Virtually Non-Existent." Q&A with Yashar Ali

Yashar Ali is the founder of The Current Conscience, which examines "politics and the personal, culture and relationship" from a progressive, feminist viewpoint. Particularly after reading his post The Key to Success: Be a Man, I was curious to mine his thoughts on how beauty and body image standards apply to men today and whether modern "masculinity" has truly reached a crisis point in...

Bringing Up Baby: Motherhood as the Dream Deferred

Last month, New York Magazine published a cover story entitled "Parents of a Certain Age: Is there anything wrong with being 53 and pregnant?" The title invites the reader to answer the question with a "yes" or a "no." The author, veteran journalist Lisa Miller, says "no," yet the antagonistic framing invites controversy against the older moms she seeks to defend, as does the...

Preacher's Daughter: Evangelical Wedding Songs: Wifely Submission and the Cult of Biblical Womanhood*

Pascal Dagnan-Bouveret [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

After she read my last post about sexist Christian music, my friend, Sarah Morice Brubaker of Religion Dispatches, told me I'd gotten a terrible Christian song called "How Beautiful" into her head. I'd heard it many years ago, but what I didn't realize was that it makes frequent appearances at...

Bitch Radio: Media Literacy, Criticism, and Production Panel from GeekGirlCon

Kelsey and I traveled up to Seattle last weekend for two days of geekery at the first-ever Geek Girl Con! We went to panels on women in video games, race and gender in geekdom, women in horror fans, and way more. We were also honored to be on the panel "Media Literacy, Criticism and Production" along with some other really rad women. For this episode of Bitch Radio, here's a good chunk of our...

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  • At Clutch, Drew-Shane Daniels asks, "Why Won't TV Networks Let Black Actors Be Great?"
  • African Sexualities: A Reader, a groundbreaking anthology edited by Ugandan feminist/lawyer/academic Sylvia Tamale, is out! 
  • Love Thursday Night 'Lights? You can catch Kirthana blogging at MTV Remote Control now too! 
  • At xo jane, s.e....

Bitchtapes: Sibling Solidarity Mix

My sisters and I grew up listening to tons of great music together (Hannah is already on her way to being a famous guitarist and singer at 17!). So it was an obvious choice for us to get together and do a Bitchtapes when our sister, Jesse, came to visit us from Austin. What better topic than songs about sisters, brothers, and sibling relations? Track list after the jump!

Preacher's Daughter: Anti-Feminism in the Music of the Christian Right

I have a confession to make. I was raised in an evangelical Christian home, and when I was much much younger... I was a fan of contemporary Christian music (CCM). Oh, yes. I reailzed just how much of an affront to music it is almost half of my life ago, but lately, I've been thinking about just how entrenched it is in the ideology of the Christian Right. Consider this awful 1995 track by Twila...

Thursday Night 'Lights: A Fun Night Out

"I want to go to there." This Liz Lemon quote kept echoing inside my head while watching three-fourths of NBC's Thursday comedy block this week. Almost all the shows ventured out of familiar settings, and as a result we were treated to a housewarming party, a camping trip (with candy! and puppies!), and a garden party. And then we even witnessed a marriage proposal at the end of the...

Isn't He Lovely: Male Nudity, the Final Frontier

The first time I really paused to consider the naked male body happened circa age 9 while watching Blossom on the floor of my parents' bedroom, where I ironically snuck in all of my parent-disapproved TV programming. I can't remember what plot twist provoked it, but at some point, Six explains to Blossom that naked men look like "half-decorated Christmas trees." Conjuring up an image...

The H-Word: Nafissatou Diallo

Sex (work) sells, but at whose expense?