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Kids These Days: Kameron Slade Gives His Same-Gender Marriage Speech to New York City Council, Awesomeness Ensues.

When the principal at 5th grader Kameron Slade's school deemed his speech on same-gender marriage "inappropriate," the Internet took notice. After the online attention it received, Slade was not only allowed to present his heartwarming speech to his classmates at PS 195 in Queens last month, he also delivered it to the New York City Council yesterday.

This kid.

Sm{art}: Queer Zine Machine, Edie Fake

You know when you come across a super rad zine artist and you're really into their work, then you casually waltz into a comic shop, and you find one or two of their zines from years and years ago, but you get pretty bummed that the zine and comic shops in your area don't have a sufficient selection, so you scour the Internet but can only find so many other things, then you realize you've...

You Do the Math: Hollywood's "Most Valuable Stars" Are Mostly White Dudes

Vulture recently published its list of the 100 Most Valuable Hollywood Stars, calculated using an algorithm that combines eight data points. Since this is a numbers game that takes into account magazine covers, box office receipts, and studio value, it should come as no surprise that the list is stacked with white guys. Let's do the math, shall we?

Emma Stone is over this sausage...

WTF Files: Ida B. Wells Statue to Replace Ida B. Wells Housing Projects

Last week was Ida B. Wells' 150th birthday. To recognize the occasion, the Ida B. Wells Commemorative Art Committee hosted a reception in Bronzeville, IL to honor her and pitch for donations for a monument to be designed by Chicago sculptor Richard Hunt. A monument is a great idea, but here's the catch:



The 20-foot granite and bronze piece will be installed at 37th and...

B-Sides: Goat and the Feather

The advent of Garage Band as a major media outlet for musicians and songwriters has provided a great many opportunities for the reinvention of the earnest acoustic wheel in the last five years or so. Shane and Essy are not reinventing that wheel. They are not inventing twang, they are not inventing milky-smoky vocals, they are not inventing dusty-country-roads guitar accompaniment. But...

Thinking Kink: Moving Beyond Abuse with BDSM

Last post, I looked at how BDSM can be used to work through abuse. But what of those who want to use BDSM to move on from, not replay, traumatic pasts? Today, I'm thinking about the difficulty of shedding the "victim" label when an abuse survivor chooses to be kinky...

Love and Afrofeminism: The Curious Case of Gender Roles

So many people dream about having the kind of partner I have; the kind of person that will support you through thick and thin because they actually believe in you; the kind of woman who will deny herself the right to look and feel "pretty"—skip out on getting her hair cut, even when the ends are sleeping, and you're too much of a jackass to notice her non-answers when you tease her about it—...

Help WAM! Build a Direct Action Network for Gender Justice in Media!

Exciting news! The folks at Women, Action, and the Media (WAM!) launched a campaign today to build a grassroots direct-action network dedicated to creating gender justice in media at all levels, including ownership, employment, representation, and access. And they want to do it using movie nights, pitch-ins, social media, letter writing, and anything else we can think of to spread the word....

The New Normal: One Million Moms Protest Ryan Murphy's Gay Family Show, NBC Responds

Remember One Million Moms (OMM), the group that is still protesting JC Penney, Oreo cookies, and that show GCB that no one watched? Well, they've got a new target in their sights: NBC's upcoming sitcom The New Normal.

The horror!

Bridal Party: Fight Evil Wedding Traditions with a DIY Invitation Station!

Now everyone just does that stuff for us, but because it comes from the bridal half of the tradition, weddings are still thought of as the bride's deal, not the groom's. Hence, the bride's family traditionally hosting (paying for) the wedding and the nasty Hollywood hetero-theme of the bridezilla who plans every aspect of the wedding as the groom sits idly by vaguely dreading marriage.