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Louis C.K. thinks "feminists can't take a joke," but his Daily Show interview wasn't ALL bad.

Louis C.K. claims he was vacationing sans Internet when the story broke about Daniel Tosh's rape "jokes." Kind of a coincidence that he'd tweet at Tosh during the whole mess without realizing it, but hey, I've missed stuff like that while on vacay too. At any rate, he came on The Daily Show last night to talk about the whole Tosh douchebacle, and the interview is a mixed bag of...

B-Sides: Potty Mouth!

It's easy to imagine that Potty Mouth are, er, a gross band, but a quick listen to their Sun Damage EP reveals them to be far from indecent. The record is a letter of intent addressed directly to the dead-serious post-punk set, citing '90s punk clatter as relevant education.

Bridal Party: Put A Ring On It! (An Origin Story)

When Beyoncé took a stand for all "single ladies," no one in my then-same-sex relationship had as of yet put any rings on anything and I was pretty happy about that.

After thoughtful and difficult conversations, however, my person and I agreed on a compromise: I came around to the romantic angle and legal benefits of marriage, and my person agreed to completely re-inventing every...

Adventures in Feministory: Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick, Queer Pioneer

As a good queer studies (not to be confused with lgbt studies, gender studies, and women's studies–though, they're all related) student, it's important to have your bases covered. You start with the foundational texts, because as an incredibly new (we're talking about my age, here) and constantly evolving field of knowledge, queer studies theories inevitably build on each other as society...

Remembering Kitty Wells, Queen of Country Music

Kitty Wells was an amazing vocalist who paved the way for women in country music for more than seven decades. She'll be missed, but she leaves a tremendous legacy behind.

Five Things that Work on USA's Political Animals (and Five that Don't)

I know I wasn't the only one who cheered when Sigourney Weaver's Elaine Barrish told a handsy Russian diplomat that she'd "fuck his shit up" on last night's premiere of Political Animals on USA. A star-studded "limited series" event (I think that is TVspeak for miniseries), the show is based not-so-loosely on the Clinton marriage if Hillary had told Bill to get lost after her failed...

Thinking Kink: Is Vanilla Sex Boring? Who Gets to Decide?

As kink continues to infiltrate the mainstream media so does its accompanying lingo, and one of the terms that's bugging non-kinksters is "vanilla." As folks who've fought against negative labels themselves, should BDSM practitioners quit bandying around this term? Or do we just need to redefine "vanilla" as an equally acceptable sexual choice?

True Blood: Hopeless

Last night's True Blood may have been "Hopeless," but it gave us plenty to hope for.

Party Roman likes to party.

On Our Radar: High-Powered Lesbians, Amy Poehler's New Advice Show, and Lots o' Lady Punks

Riled up yet? Here are more things that might make you angry, but also some things that should make you excited! Take this as your cue to go out and get some sun this weekend. I think we all need it.

  • Daniel Tosh may have taken the cake for being the scum of the week, but Domino's Pizza is riding in the same douchebaggy boat with their new "no is the new yes" campaign. Really,...

BitchTapes: This Too Shall Pass

This Too Shall Pass from BitchTapes on 8tracks.


It's one of those weeks—the kind where you wake up hating everything, and it's hard to decipher exactly why. Maybe it's a combination of things—perhaps it's the weird teen angst hangover of your early 20's, or you're missing somebody, or maybe you took the...