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The Sudden Pink War: Making Sense of the Komen/Planned Parenthood Rift

By now, chances are you've seen the news that the Susan G. Komen Foundation defunded its support of Planned Parenthood, which it had established in 2005. Pressure for the foundation to stop the support began almost immediately, and the national Susan G. Komen board resisted this pressure until yesterday. I spoke with Gina Popovic, Executive Vice President of the Planned Parenthood...

B-Sides: Ana Tijoux's Bulletproof New Album

Chilean-French emcee Ana Tijoux (whose mixtape Elefant I included in my best of 2011 podcast) is back with a thoughtful, third release today—La Bala—from Nacional records.

The Athena Film Festival: Workshop, Watch, & Win!

The second annual Athena Film Festival kicks off on February 9 on the Barnard College campus. Founded to honor extraordinary women for their leadership and creative accomplishments, the festival will screen films made by and about women all weekend, as well as hold free (free!) workshops for filmmakers. How fun! If we lived in New York we'd definitely attend, and if you live there you...

Double Rainbow: Snow Cake

Snow Cake is a 2006 independent drama starring Alan Rickman and Sigourney Weaver. Shortly after Rickman's character picks up a young hitch-hiker, he is in a sudden, brutal accident and the girl is killed. Paralyzed by guilt, he tries to reconcile with the girl's mother, portrayed by Sigourney Weaver, who happens to be autistic. That is an intriguing premise. Too bad the film...

Adventures in Feministory: Juliette Gordon Low, Founder of Girl Scouts, Disabled Activist

In honor of the recent wave of support for transgender inclusion in the Girl Scouts, let's delve into the history of Girl Scouts founder Juliette Gordon Low. You might know her for leading a life of activism and creating opportunities for women, but did you know she spent the majority of her life with severely impaired hearing? Although trans activism like the recent support for the...

The 99%: "We're Not Broke"

The problem, though, is that the filmmakers seem to misdirect the anger. As upsetting as it is to see corporations (some of which were bailed out with federal funds) avoid their taxes, the problem is that what they're doing is legal. Most corporations aren't breaking any laws by using these tax havens—in fact, they have an obligation to their stockholders to protect their investments...

Bechdel Test Canon: Illusions

Writer-director Julie Dash returns to the Bechdel Test Canon with her 1982 short film Illusions, which asks some mighty big questions about the racial and sexual politics of constructing images and a film industry that finances the production of those images.

Thursday Night 'Lights: Does 30 Rock Need a Shake Up?

This week's lineup was an odd one: two new episodes of 30 Rock, a new episode of Parks and Rec and a repeat of Up All Night. (Even though there was no Office this time, it seems we might have a Dwight Schrute-centric spinoff  to look forward to next season, so that's...something). So we'll tackle the shows that had new episodes, starting with how 30 Rock...

Project Runway All Stars: Gelato Problems

It was a gelato- and von Furstenberg-filled challenge for our Project Runway All Stars last night, but no amount of gelato could cheer us up after that judging disaster.

Joanna Coles is just as upset as we are about all of this.

"We Live in a Hip Hop Culture": Tracy Wright & Althea Hart on using hip hop to discuss sexual and domestic violence

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A few months ago, I had the chance to attend a presentation at the Roots of Change conference called "Hip Hop and its Exploitation of Communities of Color" by Tracy Wright from the North Carolina Coalition Against Sexual Assault and Althea Hart from the Mississippi Coalition Against Sexual Assault. The way Tracy and Althea used hip hop to...