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WTF Files: Video-Making Plastic Surgeon "Booty Doc" is a Total Ass

Elective cosmetic surgery is a complicated issue, but that hasn't stopped Michael Salzhauer, Miami's Wackiest Plastic Surgeon, from making cringe-worthy—and controversial—Internet parody videos.

Adventures in Feministory: Clara Schumann, Classical Music Composer

Though Clara Schumann was born in 1819, her biography reads more like a modern-day drama. Raised by a divorced father (the infamously temperamental piano teacher Frederick Wieck), Schumann quickly developed virtuoso skills on the piano and became a child star, touring Europe before the age of 18. While her touring paid the bills (much more than her husband Robert Schumann's job...

Thinking Kink: Does Female Submission Mean Oppression?

Before I even get into the thorny issue of how the media represents female sexual submissives, I want to lay some groundwork and represent feminists on both sides of the debate: Is the female submissive who consensually participates in BDSM empowered or betraying the sisterhood?

True Blood: Let's Boot and Rally

Last night's episode of True Blood gave us plenty of reasons to boot—and a few reasons to rally, too.

Just a typical night out in Bon Temps.

On Our Radar: Coming Out, "Booty Pop," and Trans Women in Media!

Well, this has been an exciting week!

  • As you've probably heard, Andersoon Cooper came out earlier this week. Super exciting to hear, but here's why when straight people say things like "it's about time?" or "why did he even have to come out in the first place?" it's rude, entitled, silencing, and downright annoying. [Tiger Beatdown]
  • Speaking of coming out, has Frank Ocean...

Thinking Kink: Did Jared Leto and 30 Seconds to Mars Do BDSM Better?

A wise soul suggested that, if I wanted to see BDSM imagery meet pop culture, I should take a look at 30 Seconds To Mars' video for their song "Hurricane." Watch Jared Leto getting kinky, you say? Oh, well, if you insist. The things I do for this blog...

Hurricane - 30 Seconds to Mars from RP Sitabi on Vimeo.

Resisting Resistance: On Mahasweta Devi

Along with economic, political, sexual, social exploitation, and god knows what else, colonialism drained South Asia of its resources; this much we know and agree on. But, this encounter also unintentionally opened spaces for women and the ex-untouchable castes in areas like education and politics. Admitting to this history would mean also accepting that a "pre-colonial" society wasn't ideal...

BitchTapes: Blood, Sweat, and Queers

Blood, Sweat, and Queers from BitchTapes on 8tracks.

I have now been here for exactly a month, and we're finally getting consistently beautiful weather. I'm glad that person who said the weather would be literally perfect after July 4th wasn't lying. But really. The ten-day forecast predicts sun every single day...

TGIF: Meow That's What I Call Music!

If you're a diehard Smart Girls at the Party fan, please join me in being jazzed about the new show on the Smart Girls channel, Meow Meow Music. Like Smart Girls, Meow Meow Music features interviews with young people doing great things, but based on the first episode, which went up yesterday, it looks like Meow Meow Music will showcase musicians of...

Douchebag Decree: James Carnell and the Boston Police Patrolmen's Association's Racist, Sexist, Terrible Newsletter

The Boston Police Department has been in the news lately, and not for entertaining buddy cop shenanigans. Well, unless you count publishing a racist, homophobic, sexist, bigoted, rage-inducing union newsletter and then deleting the archives instead of taking responsibility for them to be entertaining (it isn't).