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The Five Least (and Most) Princess-y Things About Brave

Though Merida is indeed a teenage princess whose parents want her to live a traditional life and get married, through knowledge, determination, and honest communication with her mother (and some magic—this is a Disney princess movie, after all), she subverts the princess paradigm. Well, sort of.

True Blood: You Made Me

If you were in the market for some Eric+Bill slash fiction fodder or some nudie pics of Frank Sobotka, last night's True Blood did not disappoint.

You really can't blame her for being pissed off.

Thinking Kink: The Female Dominant in Pop Culture

The female dominant (domme, dominatrix, domina, mistress, etc.) may appear to be a more defendable BDSM stereotype than that of the female submissive. On the surface, fem-doms invert negative stereotypes about female sexuality and the "female" personality. They are women who take control, who behave aggressively, who know what they want and demand it with force if necessary. In other...

Lady Business: Why Isn't There More Feminist Business Writing?

Author and entrepreneur Doreen Bloch wrote in a Feministing guest post, "If women make up 46.8% of the workplace in America (Source: Department of Labor) and 58% of college classrooms (Source: The New York Times), where are the female voices in our business thought-leadership?"

On Our Radar: Vaginas, Intentionality, and So Many Queer and Feminist Events!

This has been a week! Here's what we've been thinking about.

  • After the giant mess around Rep. Lisa Brown's oh so horrifying use of the word "vagina" (GOD FORBID!), thousands of people watched in delight in Lansing, Michigan, as women legislators enacted The Vagina Monologues on the steps of the state Capitol in response to the passing of HB 5711. [Ms. Blog]
  • ...

Seven Islands and a Metro and Manipur: Be Whoever You Want to Be, As Long As You Look Like Us

What does it mean when brands of liberal feminism erase the histories of labor, caste, and communal segregation in their re-tellings of the city? And are still considered feminist texts?

BitchTapes: Girls Rock Summer Camp

Girls Rock Camp summer showcase season is back! Since 2001 in Portland, OR, Girls Rock Camps have been empowering girls and women through music creation in cities and towns across North America and Europe, with a total of 37 camps in the international GRC network, Girls Rock Camp Alliance. GRC Summer Camp is a week-long program where girls and women ages 8-18 learn a new instrument,...

Thinking Kink: Did Sex and the City Get BDSM Right?

Sex and the City broke serious ground in the late '90s when it was lauded for its frank and open discussions of sex—by women, no less!—without taking itself too seriously. But did it ever manage to move beyond the media's often cartoonish portrayals of BDSM?

Lady Business: The Three Types of Businesswomen in Pop Culture

It's only been a little while and I'm already missing Joan and Peggy from Mad Men. I can tell because their roles this season made me think about the archetypes of women in the workplace and how some of them have played out in popular culture.

This of course was prompted by Joan's power play and Peggy's uneasy flirtation/acceptance of power.

Here in the 21st century,...

Anne-Marie Slaughter in the Atlantic: "Women Still Can't Have It All." Can Anyone?

Anne-Marie Slaughter's new cover story for the Atlantic is out today. In it, she discusses how "women still can't have it all" and outlines some possible solutions to the work-life conundrum she's faced in her career as a professor and government official.