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Thinking Kink: Debunking BDSM Myths

"Like most things that are depicted in a problematic way, BDSM is subject to uninformed sweeping generalizations about what it looks, acts and feels like,"says writer Stacey May Fowles. Indeed any subculture can find itself badly misrepresented, especially when the media gets involved. So before we let loose on pop culture, let's consider and debunk some of the myths surrounding BDSM and the...

B-Sides: JD Samson (and a rundown of how she made my teen years more bearable)

JD Samson is certainly no stranger to Bitch; a significant voice in the Riot Grrrl movement, and a more than prominent queer and feminist icon, it only makes sense to let you know what she's up to this summer. Last week, while attempting to figure out exactly what to write for this post (because leaving you with just a list of tour dates would be boring), a dear friend deemed me a "JD...

True Blood: Authority Always Wins

Did you watch True Blood on Sunday? The Authority made an appearance (creepy kid and Christopher Meloni included), Tara lost it all over Sookie's house, and Sheriff Andy reminded us that "assmunch" is an underused insult. And (thank Lilith!) Pam was still wearing that kitty cat sweatsuit! Looking good as always.

Don't mess with Meloni.

Bridal Party: Pomp, Power, and the Myth of Virginity

Oh hey! Speaking of perpetuations of antiquated notions of female sexuality, did you know that the Western tradition of white wedding gowns actually has nothing to do with virginity?

Thinking Kink: Welcome to a Blog on BDSM, Feminism and Pop Culture

In 1957, Elvis asked us to "Put a chain around my neck and lead me anywhere" in the song "Let Me Be Your Teddy Bear." Fifty-five years and a whole lotta writhing, panting, and spanking later, pop culture's fascination with BDSM still knows no bounds. So why, in the jaded, post–50 Shades 21st century, do kink and feminism still make uncomfortable bedfellows? Come with me on a journey...

Lady Business: When Men Are Condescending at Work

Do you encounter male condescension at work? Does it come from men in traditional marriages—which I assume means partnerships in which women don't work? Was it verbal or in the form of failing to promote you? I was trying to figure out if I ever had this experience with women being condescending, too, because I wasn't operating according to the corporate culture the way they deemed I should. I...

Fire, Dor, and Kari: Who Decides if a Work is Queer?

When people come to know I'm an Indian feminist (from India even! That, somehow, is always an extra bonus), after a quick round of, "What do you think about child marriage/sex-selective abortions/sati?" inevitably the question of the film Fire comes up. Hilariously, people are offended that I don't quite have an opinion or any interest in assessing whether Fire...

On Our Radar: Radical Nuns, Misogynist Backlash, and Deconstructing Femininity

Well, this has been another week.

  • Misogyny is still kickin', but Anita Sarkeesian of Feminist Frequency is kickin' right back. With over $100k to fund her project, she is pretty much unstoppable. Kate or Die! and Catiemonster sum it up in some awesome comics. [Feminist Frequency/Geek Feminism]
  • More in misogyny and gaming, the creators of the popular videogame, Tomb Raider...

BitchTapes: Forward!

Forward! from BitchTapes on 8tracks.

The word "forward" keeps popping up in my sphere. Wisconsinites wielded it during their recent recall election (it's their state motto). Obama has chosen it as his new campaign slogan.

I've decided to adapt it as my personal slogan as well. My life has gone in about a...

Douchebag Decree: American Apparel and Target: Hypocrite Corporations Using LGBTQ Pride to Make Money

American Apparel and Target you have earned our Douchebag Decree for trying to coporatize LGBTQ Pride although you have been anti-inclusive and homophobic. While Pride might only happen every June, it takes more than a recognition one month out of the year to truly be a company that cares about queer issues.