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Christina Hendricks Talks Joan, Feminism, and Bitches in the Hollywood Reporter

Calling all Mad Men fans! Christina Hendricks, known to us all as Joan Holloway/Harris, is on the cover of next week's Hollywood Reporter.

BiblioBitch: 50 Shades of "Meh." Here's Some Erotica to Read Instead!

Okay, so we're basically just saying what many have already concluded. 50 Shades of Grey is a boring, badly written book that portrays people into BDSM as sick. Yes, it's popular, but we think erotica fans can do better.

Not pictured: Shades of Grey.

GIRLS Paper Dolls by Kyle Hilton!

I love illustrator Kyle Hilton. Based on the paper dolls he makes, the two of us should be best friends who watch every television show and movie together always. Case in point: His new set, a collaboration with Vulture, is of the cast of GIRLS!

Hannah Horvath, complete with union suit, laptop, and tub cupcake.

WTF Files: A Woman Hasn't Moderated a Presidential Debate in 20 Years

We already know that the stage will be a total sausage fest during the 2012 debates (again), but did you know that all of the debate moderators in the past 20 years have been men? The last time a woman moderated a presidential debate was when Carole Simpson took the stage with Bill Clinton, Ross Perot, and George Bush in 1992. WTF?

This Open Comic to the Supreme Court Makes the Affordable Care Act Fun (Really!)

Bitch contributor and super-smart cartoonist Jen Sorensen has an "Open Letter to the Supreme Court About Health Insurance" up at Kaiser Health News that is totally worth a read/look. I know what you're thinking (that a mere conversation about insurance can be depressing, let alone an illustrated comic), but Jen's piece not only breaks down the Affordable Care Act in a way that's easy to...

Lady Business: Poppin' Pink Collars and Devaluing Women's Work

The New York Times writes that our country is in such economic peril that men who used to be able to work respectable white collar positions or even blue collar ones are now intrepidly and patriotically finding honor in the lowly positions of women. Apparently it has been this dire for at least a decade. A Times analysis showed that occupations that are more than 70...

Mad Men: The Pryce of "Commissions and Fees"

Where to start with last night's Mad Men?

Adventures in Feministory: Pauline Kael

"I see little of more importance to the future of our country and of civilization than full recognition of the place of the artist. If art is to nourish the roots of our culture, society must set the artist free to follow his vision wherever it takes him."

Lady Business: The False Conflict of Work, Feminism, and Motherhood

Feminists at work, whether they are mothers or not, have yet to reconcile several conflicts related to class, race, and culture. Most conversations about women in the workplace fall along two lines: they are single and ruthless, or they are coupled and supported outside of corporate work by a partner who helps them tend to family life. I have a feeling that there are many more working...

BitchTapes: Ten Songs About Patriarchy

Here are ten songs (kinda, sorta) about patriarchy, because, deep down inside, isn't pretty much every song about patriarchy?