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On Our Radar: Snow White, Urban Outfitters, and 50 Shades of Grey

Another week, another news cycle devoted to John Edwards' sex life. Here are some non-Edwardian links for your Friday!

  • Mari Naomi interviews Alison Bechdel in text and comic form! [The Rumpus]
  • Why on EARTH is Urban Outfitters selling these "ironic" Mitt Romney t-shirts? [Brokelyn]
  • Hey Portland and PacNWers, the Women of Color Zine Symposium is happening tomorrow...

Bitch Radio: Shortstacks, Fame + Fortune, and Reply Girls

As you may have noticed, Bitch Radio has been on a brief hiatus. Have no fear though, feast your ears on another episode of Shortstacks, a collaboration with our friends from Audio Smut!

This episode takes a closer look at the internet backlash against the "reply girls" of YouTube. Here's what Audio Smut has to say:

Bitch magazine's latest issue explores our society's...

Fertile Ground: Ecofeminism Needs Fighters

So what is an eco-minded feminist to do amidst this world of depressing destruction? All I can advise is this: Get out there. Educate yourself. Do something and know you did that something.

"Leave Michelle Obama Alone With Your Random-Ass Opinions"

Jay Smooth and his cat, telling it like it is.

Jay Smooth (who has been posting two videos a week lately—hooray!) has a new PSA up today on why the media should stop freaking out over Michelle Obama's love of Beyoncé.

A Lady Business Guide to Social Media

In a room full of powerful women in communications, a former politician essentially bragged about not using Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook. In 2012. To each her own, but seriously? It's too late in the game for all that. Don't be that lady. There are billions of dollars floating around in social media. Just ask Mark Zuckerberg.

Douchebag Decree: Mario Batali Thinks "Skinny Actresses" Should Shut Up About His Food

Enter Mario Batali, the Crocs-wearing beponytailed celebrity chef best known for his shows on the Food Network and that time he drove around Spain with Gwyneth Paltrow. Recently, Batali left the show Iron Chef, and earlier this week at the Atlantic Food Summit he explained why. Said Batali:

When they had judges like you [Corby Kummer] and Jeff Steingarten and Dana Cowin...

Now at BitchMart: Tote Bag with Illustration from Leslie A. Wood!

Are you a fan of craft blogs? How about beehive hairdos and oven-fresh pies? We've got just the tote bag for you! BitchMart's newest product features Leslie A. Wood's Better Homes & Bloggers illustration on a 100% organic cotton cream colored tote bag. Buy yours at BitchMart today!

Fertile Ground: John Ivanko and Lisa Kivirist's Farmstead Chef

Lisa Kirvirist and John Ivanko's new cookbook, Farmstead Chef, is a great eco-activist resource that could easily be placed next to the novel you're reading on your nightstand. Not only is it plump with yummy, mostly vegetarian and low-on-the-food-chain recipes, but it also has inspiring stories from the authors' own lives dotted throughout the book, as well as profiles of other food...

Lady Business: The Myth of Free Work

My friend and colleague Omar Gallaga's 2010 essay on the costs of presenting to people for free has stayed with me for a little while. The same is true for Courtney Martin's column about misconceptions about the costs of online feminism. They each reminded me that there's no such thing as free work.

End of Gender: The End of the End

From he-waxing to "gender-reveal" parties, we've covered a lot of ground in the past two months. Despite the ever-growing "hip factor" of gender neutrality, there's evidence of a powerful backlash. But alongside the media missteps and the horrors of transphobia, we've seen some binary-bustin' events happen around the world.