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The 99%: "We're Not Broke"

The problem, though, is that the filmmakers seem to misdirect the anger. As upsetting as it is to see corporations (some of which were bailed out with federal funds) avoid their taxes, the problem is that what they're doing is legal. Most corporations aren't breaking any laws by using these tax havens—in fact, they have an obligation to their stockholders to protect their investments...

Bechdel Test Canon: Illusions

Writer-director Julie Dash returns to the Bechdel Test Canon with her 1982 short film Illusions, which asks some mighty big questions about the racial and sexual politics of constructing images and a film industry that finances the production of those images.

Thursday Night 'Lights: Does 30 Rock Need a Shake Up?

This week's lineup was an odd one: two new episodes of 30 Rock, a new episode of Parks and Rec and a repeat of Up All Night. (Even though there was no Office this time, it seems we might have a Dwight Schrute-centric spinoff  to look forward to next season, so that's...something). So we'll tackle the shows that had new episodes, starting with how 30 Rock...

Project Runway All Stars: Gelato Problems

It was a gelato- and von Furstenberg-filled challenge for our Project Runway All Stars last night, but no amount of gelato could cheer us up after that judging disaster.

Joanna Coles is just as upset as we are about all of this.

"We Live in a Hip Hop Culture": Tracy Wright & Althea Hart on using hip hop to discuss sexual and domestic violence

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A few months ago, I had the chance to attend a presentation at the Roots of Change conference called "Hip Hop and its Exploitation of Communities of Color" by Tracy Wright from the North Carolina Coalition Against Sexual Assault and Althea Hart from the Mississippi Coalition Against Sexual Assault. The way Tracy and Althea used hip hop to...

On Our Radar

Every day is a good news day when Ice-T gives you his political predictions.
  • If you're bummed out at Oscar nominating five white guys for Best Director yet again, check out Cannonball's list of five women that should have been nominated instead.
  • Break out your see-through visors and cigars and support this Kickstarter campaign for feminist playing cards.
  • From inter-...

The 99%: "Finding North"

This is the second of three posts on films from the 2012 Sundance Film Festival addressing inequality, poverty, and social class.

Finding North is a title so perfect it doesn't fully sink in until after you've finished watching the film.  The documentary by filmmakers Kristi Jacobson and Lori Silverbush doesn't allude to it at any point during its 84...

Double Rainbow: A Quick Look at the Savant

In popular fiction, savant skills and autism are almost synonymous. Portraying a character as a savant has become a way of driving home the fact that the character is autistic. The savant archetype is glaringly problematic because of the cultural baggage associated with idea of the "savant," because of the roles that autistic savants are relegated to in fiction, and because the stereotype of...

Pop Pedestal: Paula Small from Home Movies

Welcome back to Pop Pedestal, the series where we pay tribute to pop culture personalities we admire. For this round we're celebrating Paula Small, the too-laid-back-for-words mom from Home Movies.

Douchebag Decree: Stephen "Republicans and Democrats Sitting Together is Like Date Rape" Moore

In the frenzy of cable news chatter that followed Tuesday's State of the Union address, one pundit stood out in the crowd, a beacon on a douchebag hill. The Wall Street Journal's Stephen Moore out-douched the considerable competition by employing the age-old tactic of saying stuff is like rape when it is not even kind of like rape.