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Fertile Ground: Looking at Photos of Organic Food Makes You Jerk-y, Pointless Study Says

A study published last week by Loyola professor Kendall J. Eskine in Social Psychological and Personality Science reports that people who eat organic food are self-righteous assholes. My main question is: What in the ridiculous research hell kind of study is this?

In Richness and in Wealth: What does it mean to be a modern-day trophy wife?

Illustration by Evah Fan.

Little serious thought has been devoted to the trophy wife, that caricature permanently relegated to being an adornment on the arm of a spouse defined by his wealth and power, the May to her husband's December.

In 1994, New York Times "On Language" columnist William Safire compiled a brief history of the term "trophy wife."


No Disrespect: Black women and the burden of respectability

In February 2012, PBS host Tavis Smiley interviewed Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer about their Oscar nominations for their roles as Aibileen and Minny, Jim Crow–era domestic workers in The Help. "I'm pulling for both of you to win on Academy Award night," Smiley ventured. "But there's something that sticks in my craw about celebrating Hattie McDaniel so many years ago for playing a maid"—a...

Never Said Nothing: A brief history of "cunt" in pop music

Late in 2011, a song from a virtually unknown 20-year-old rapper from Harlem knocked the Internet on its ass. Azealia Banks's "212" was a wildly original debut single that found the rapper dribbling a steady stream of elastic wordplay and oh-no-she-didn't raunch over a skronky beat from producer Lazy Jay. And then there was the song's hook, a repeated provocation to a male rival for the...

"We're Making Music Because We Have To": A Q&A with Grass Widow

Recently, I had the chance to talk with the three amazing women of Grass Widow about their spacey new album ("Spock on Muni" isn't a Star Trek IV reference), Girls Rock Camp (they love it), and getting back on the bike (you have to do it). Check out their excellent record Internal Logic, due on May 29th on their very own HLR Records.

10 Things to Expect From What to Expect When You're Expecting

Andi and I saw this movie on Friday so that you wouldn't have to, but if you do decide to go, besides the obvious product placement—copies of the book pop up nearly everywhere but in sonograms—here's our list of 10 things you can expect from What to Expect When You're Expecting.

Adventures in Feministory: Kip Tiernan, Founder of Rosie's Place

In 1974, upon discovering that many homeless women in Boston were dressing up as men to get into homeless shelters, Kip Tiernan founded Rosie's Place, one of the very first shelters for women in the United States.

Mad Men: Take This Christmas Waltz

The Christmas episode of Mad Men put us in a holiday mood:

And by "holiday mood" we mean a state of Don-and-Joan-induced euphoria.

Lady Business: Breaking News! Women Like Marriage and Work

The Pew Research Center offers startling, groundbreaking numbers on "Today's Woman" who "often balances her career with her husband and children." (Yes, this is a study from 2012, not 1975.) It is called "A Gender Reversal on Career Aspirations: Young Women Now Top Young Men in Valuing A High Paying Career." Hide your kids, people.

Required Reading: Tampon Utopia

It's 2012. Are you ready for TEOTWAWKI?