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Some SOPA Links to Help You Tell Congress to Shove it

Since you are currently online, you've no doubt noticed that SOPA (don't worry, you can click on the link—it's one of the only Wikipedia sites that isn't blacked out today) is the talk of the Internet. More specifically, people are speaking out against SOPA and PIPA and the threat it poses to a free(ish) and open Internet.

Us too, pal. Us too.

Bechdel Test Canon: Irma Vep

Olivier Assayas' 1996 feature Irma Vep celebrates Maggie Cheung, the actress under the catsuit.

The 99%: Why the Real Housewives of Atlanta Aren

Few women of color are allowed to represent themselves on television with much nuance; frequently they are reduced to stock characters like mammies and Jezebels that deny them full, complex humanity.  Successful women of color are slammed with stereotypes of the "Angry Black Woman" or are forced to represent all women of their race as impossibly perfect standard-bearers.


Double Rainbow: A Peek at Autism Speaks

Autism Speaks is an easy, easy target. And a literally huge one—it's the largest and best-funded autism "awareness" and "advocacy" (I kind of want to just call it "autism-themed") organization in the world. Autistic self-advocates rip into Autism Speaks every day because of the organization's silencing and dehumanizing rhetoric, and its focus on "curing" autism rather than dedicating its...

B-Sides: Choosing Sides with Ani Difranco

Ani DiFranco has taken a lot of sides in her decades-long career. She has also famously refused to take sides, and, undeniably, looked at many things from both sides. Her new studio album ¿Which Side Are You On?, released today, is both a personal State of the Union address from the iconic folksinger, and an appeal to her listeners and the larger world to decide and declare...

Adventures in Feministory: Civil Rights Activist and Writer Daisy Bates

Brown vs. Board of Education—the Supreme Court decision that ruled school segregation unconstitutional—passed in 1954, but turning legislature into action took several years to transpire. It wasn't until 1957 that nine black students, already enrolled at Little Rock Central High, began their first day of school, only to be met with an angry crowd and the Arkansas National Guard. The governor...

Thursday Night 'Lights: New Year, New Lineup

So with the start of 2012 ushers in a new lineup on Thursday nights on NBC. With Community and Whitney replaced by 30 Rock and Up All Night, we have a comedy block in which three out of the four series are headlined by women, which is pretty awesome. So how did the brand-new TNL lineup fare? We kick off this week's recap with the return of 30 Rock...

Project Runway All Stars: A Pa-poom Moment?

Project Runway All Stars went to the opera last night, and brought their "pumped up prom dresses" with them.

Bitch Radio: Pariah In Theaters Now!

For this week's podcast, Kelsey, Jyoti, Ashley and I talk about the movie Pariah, the feature-length film by Dee Rees that's already garnered lots of critical praise. The movie follows Alike (pronounced Ah-lee-kay, and played by Adepero Oduye), a young black lesbian living in Brooklyn, who deals with the trappings that come with being a teenager: crushes, annoying parents,...

BitchTapes: Queercore Now & Forever More!

Welcome then to the second installment of Queercore Now and Forever More! I regret to am thrilled to inform you that the last BitchTapes devoted to contemporary queer music was incomplete.  Limited to under 20 tracks with links flickering to former + side projects, there is so much more queer music to share with you reader/listener! Plus, after Not Enough! and the self-motivating...