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Douchebag Decree: Jim Foley, Vice President of Victim Blaming, the University of Montana

When a rape victim went public with her story earlier this year, Jim Foley, Vice President of the University of Montana, sent an email asking if she could be punished under the Student Code of Conduct.

The Baz Luhrmann Index: Rating The Great Gatsby Trailer, Among Others

If your your dreams were filled with anachronistic pop songs and gold glitter last night, blame it on Baz Luhrmann. The trailer for his latest film, The Great Gatsby, hit the Internet yesterday like a Rolls Royce hitting Myrtle Wilson (too soon?).

The restlessness approached hysteria?

With its thumping soundtrack, glitz, glamour, tragic romance, and frenzied...

Lady Business: How Do You Navigate Boys Club Culture?

Be friends with the other women (unless they really suck), learn some sports, avoid businesses that promote boys clubby tendencies, and other ways to deal if you can't play golf (I am awful at it, not that I was invited) and you don't smoke cigars.

BiblioBitch: Three New Otherworldly Indie Comics

Need some new reading material? These three new indie comics by Kate Skelly, Angie Wang, and Julia Gfrörer will take you from an outer galaxy to a zombiefied forest, and will keep you occupied (and perhaps up all night with every light turned on). Click through for more!


End of Gender: Buck Angel Wants to See Your Cervix

If the Supreme Court signs off on Obamacare next month, queer and transgender people will take another step towards affordably and comfortably getting the plumbing checked.

But in order to reap the benefits of healthcare reform, we have to buck up and go to the doctor first.

Lady Business: Motherhood and Debt

At the height of attending my friends' baby showers, more than one feminist writer urged me to forego having children. Remaining childless is tempting in a world where the costs of raising kids and taking time off to help raise them are getting higher and higher.

End of Gender: Not "Just A Tomboy"

When the Washington Post featured a story about a transgender five-year-old last week, online commenters accused the parents of overreacting to harmless "tomboyishness." But parents who listen to their kids, allow their kids to live as their preferred gender, and guide them through consensual medical decisions are choosing life for their children when the alternative could be far more...

Fertile Ground: Looking at Photos of Organic Food Makes You Jerk-y, Pointless Study Says

A study published last week by Loyola professor Kendall J. Eskine in Social Psychological and Personality Science reports that people who eat organic food are self-righteous assholes. My main question is: What in the ridiculous research hell kind of study is this?

In Richness and in Wealth: What does it mean to be a modern-day trophy wife?

Illustration by Evah Fan.

Little serious thought has been devoted to the trophy wife, that caricature permanently relegated to being an adornment on the arm of a spouse defined by his wealth and power, the May to her husband's December.

In 1994, New York Times "On Language" columnist William Safire compiled a brief history of the term "trophy wife."


No Disrespect: Black women and the burden of respectability

In February 2012, PBS host Tavis Smiley interviewed Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer about their Oscar nominations for their roles as Aibileen and Minny, Jim Crow–era domestic workers in The Help. "I'm pulling for both of you to win on Academy Award night," Smiley ventured. "But there's something that sticks in my craw about celebrating Hattie McDaniel so many years ago for playing a maid"—a...