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Keep Bitch in Print: Last Chance!

We've been talking about why subscribing to Bitch is important for the past two weeks now, and many of you have responded by buying subscriptions for yourself and others, or joining our B-Hive of sustainers. Thank you! For those of you who haven't gotten around to it yet, today is the last day of our subscription campaign and we're asking for your support one last time.

We're All Mad Here: Case Studies of "Crazy Bitches" in Cinema

This post includes spoilers for the movies Single White Female, The Craft, and Perfect Blue. These three movies have several things in common:

  • The main point-of-view character in each one is what I've called "fake-out crazy." Each one exhibits some sort of behavior within the movie that could be viewed as "insane," but unlike the villains, these women end...

Murder, She Blogged: The Thin Man

The Thin Man gave us one of the wittiest crime-solving wife-husband duos of all time, retired detective Nick Charles and his wife Nora (Myrna Loy*), who spit one-liners, soak up a tremendous amount of alcohol and stumble around solving crime.

Bitch YA Book Club: A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith

For our final YA book club, Nona Willis Aronowitz asks Erin Blakemore and Jennie Law what they thought about A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith. Add your own answers to Nona's questions (or come up with your own discussion points) in the comments section.

Bitch Radio from the Archives: Read My Bitch: Brittany Shoot reads "The Ambition Condition"

We're sharing a piece from the Bitch Radio archives--Read My Bitch featuring Brittany Shoot (who guest-blogged The Biotic Woman on ecofeminism and No Kidding on being childfree) reading Anna Clark's "The Ambition Condition: Women, Writing, and the Issue of Success," from Loud (Issue #41). Read My Bitch is the podcast that features Bitch magazine readers reading out loud a...

Sexual Inadequacy: Body Shame and Sexy Fat

I started rounding up my weight, started posting pictures of myself displaying my less photogenic qualities—if I was going to get rejected, it was going to be right at the start. Every time I'd meet a man in real life that I found attractive I would reject him immediately. "Nice try, sexy dude asking too many questions about my shirt. If I wanted you you'd just reject me so I reject you first...

BitchTapes: Gone Too Soon

It's no secret that musicians often die far too quickly. In this Only the Good Die Young, Part II mix, I recognize some of the artists we've lost in the past twenty years (a few of whom even sang about early death). All we can do is miss them.

Track list after the jump!

Internet Crush: Cisgender News

My latest Internet crush is on Cisgender News, a Tumblr dedicated to "Finding the cisgender angle in the latest news stories." Although there are only four posts so far, they pack a punch by turning coverage of trans issues inside out by applying the same tropes (a focus of pre- or post-op, fascination with appearance, inappropriate commentary on what's in someone's pants) to coverage of...

On Our Radar

So many wonderful blog posts from all over the Internet this week. Enjoy:

  • Facebook has gotten us all down at one time or another, am I right? Dr. Hugo Schwyzer at Healthy is the New Skinny explores how social media websites impact young womens' body images. Be sure to comment and share your own experiences.
  • Are women really free to dress as they choose? Decoding Dress...

We're All Mad Here: Race, Gender, and Mental Illness in Pop Culture

Cast your mind back over the depictions of mental illness you've encountered most recently; there's a chance many of them were women, from madwomen in the attic to crazy exes, and there's a chance that at least some of them were people of color. There is a long history of pathologizing resistance to oppression that plays a key role in the depictions of mental illness in pop culture.