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Fertile Ground: Bryant Terry's The Inspired Vegan

Bryant Terry's The Inspired Vegan is aptly named; it's truly, well, inspiring. Terry, who dubs himself an "eco-chef," is more than just a cookbook author, and this is more than just a cookbook. It is a delicious spark of revolution and call to action, and filled with many delectable recipes, along with the music, literature, and art that inspired his menus....

Required Reading: No Laughing Matter

Female characters are not permitted to laugh in books presented at the Tehran International Book Fair, which opened this week. What would Jane Eyre say?

Douchebag Decree: Ashton "Raj" Kutcher and Sadly Delicious Popchips

Oh Ashton Kutcher. If it's not one douche-y thing with that guy, it's another. The Two and a Half Men star (I was going to make a douchebag joke there but "Two and a Half Men star" is a pretty good zinger on its own) is back in the news for all the wrong reasons again this week, this time for doing brownface in a Popchips ad.


B-Sides: Naomi Hooley and the Wilderness Inside

I discovered Naomi Hooley's warm, powerful music a few months ago, when a friend pointed me first to her song "Tornado" and then the album that spawned it, the gorgeous It was a Great October. Her sound is earthy and approachable, and her backstory is the stuff of serendipitous musical legend. My theory is, no matter where you listen to Naomi's music, you will be reminded of home.

End of Gender: Bringin' Out the Bono

With hidden cameras and a hint of pedantry, ABC's primetime series What Would You Do? has tested society's comfort with everything from same-sex parents to public breastfeeding. This week's segment tackles transphobia and reveals what we already knew: No conversation about transgender people is complete without bringing out the Bono.

Fertile Ground: Want to Fix the World? Practice Permaculture.

With everything from mindless consumerism to car emissions wreaking havoc on the earth, we know full well that humans do more harm to the environment than good. In fact, it seems that human existence sucks the life out of the planet. (Some existences are more damaging than others, of course). So what is an ecofeminist-minded activist with a penchant for guilt and a need to heal to do? The...

Sm{art}: Q&A with Artist/Activist Christi Furnas

At 25, Christi Furnas was diagnosed with schizophrenia. This queer-identified woman has used her disability as inspiration for making beautiful art and connecting with other mentally ill artists. Based in Minneapolis, MN, Furnas has been involved with Spectrum Artworks, an organization that serves as a community and studio space for artists with mental illness.

I emailed Christi...

Too Hot For White House TV: Michelle Obama's "Biggest" Mistake

When Ragen Chastain learned that Michelle Obama was appearing on The Biggest Loser to promote the show's contestants as role models, she felt she had to do something. " I e-mailed my friend Darryl Roberts, filmmaker of America the Beautiful 2: The Thin Commandments. We wrote a well-researched article pointing out the problems with Mrs. Obama endorsing the contestants as role...

WTF Files: Samsung's "Too Smart For Amy" Camera Ad

Wouldn't it be so funny if a company marketed a "smart" camera by making fun of a "stupid" woman? Take it away, Samsung!

Too smart for Amy. Too obnoxious for the general public.

End of Gender: "Hard-Wired" Debate is Hard to Swallow

Studies on hard-wired sex differences suggest that even Barbie, whose careers have ranged from astronaut to computer engineer, struggles in the science. Why? Because she's a woman.

Yet according to a recent CBC radio story on the "man brain/ woman brain" debate, some psychologists believe that these "studies" lead to unhealthy stereotyping and self-fulfilling prophesies.