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BitchTapes: Royal Wedding Anniversary Mix!

This weekend marks the one-year anniversary of THE ROYAL WEDDING (a.k.a. the biggest media frenzy of our lifetimes, a.k.a. the time you stayed up late eating rice cakes tweeting about Pippa Middleton, a.k.a. something you maybe didn't care about but still saw on the news the next day, etc.). In honor of the royal couple's anniversary, I am re-publishing this Royal Wedding Mix I made last year...

On Our Radar: UniteWomen, Remembering Left Eye, and "Brogrammers"

Here's what we're reading this week:

  • Unite Agains the War on Women is tomorrow! Visit to find a march or rally near you.
  • San Francisco is buzzing about the recently opened antique vibrator museum. These vibrators are featured in the new film Hysteria (to be reviewed in our next magazine issue!)
  • North Carolina pledges "atonement" for forced...

End of Gender: His n' Hers n' Hens

Swedes are tossing out their "His n' Hers" bath towels in favor of language that's a little more inclusive.

Earlier this month Sweden's online National Encyclopedia adopted the gender-neutral pronoun "hen" in addition to "he" [han] and "she" [hon]. Post-media explosion, the controversy extends beyond the Swedish-speaking world.

Slate reports that Sweden's...

Video: Shit Girls Say About the Show GIRLS

Well, you knew this was coming. With everyone talking about GIRLS (and the "Shit Girls Say" guy landing a book deal), this "Shit Girls Say About GIRLS" video was as inevitable as a future filled with sex robots. And I have to admit, even though I am a "Shit Girls Say" hater, I laughed at this.

Check it out but be warned: The Internet just might be collapsing on itself...

Gawker Calls Out Hipster Racism, Is Called Out for Hipster Racism

Oh Gawker. Lindy West's Jezebel post on Hipster Racism is blowing up certain parts of the Internet today. In it, West goes over four main points of "hipster racism"—where folks justify racism by poorly hiding behind irony (Sarah Silverman—we see you!). On Racialicious, Carmen Van Kerckhove dubbed hipster racism one of 2006's top race and pop culture trends, which means that hipster or "ironic...

Visi(bi)lity: Good-bi, Friends!

It has been a privilege and pleasure to write for Bitch for the last eight weeks. Thanks to Kelsey and Kjerstin for all of their support, and thank you to everyone who read, commented on, and shared my posts. As a long-time Bitch fan, I've felt honored to share this space with you and participate in much-needed conversations about the state of bisexual visibility in the media.


Douchebag Decree: Richard Grenell, Romney Spokesperson and Sexist Tweeter

GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney's sexism is old news at this point, but hey, it's election season and he has to stay in the news, right? Romney doubled down on the misogyny last Thursday by hiring Richard Grenell as his national security and foreign policy adviser. Grenell, formerly of the Bush administration, kicked off his first week on the job by deleting a bunch of sexist shit from...

End of Gender: "Transsexual Killer" Strikes Again

Chloë Sevigny of Boys Don't Cry stars in the upcoming miniseries Hit and Miss as a transgender contract assassin.

For years the "transsexual killer" trope has haunted the trans community with a bad reputation. And while transgender people are being portrayed as killers, we're the ones getting killed.

Visi(bi)lity: How Did I Get Here? (or: What Chasing Amy Taught Me About Media and Identity)

When I was 11, I saw the trailer for Chasing Amy. I don't remember why it caught my attention—I didn't recognize the actors, and I don't think I consciously knew what it was about. It certainly wasn't targeted toward 11-year-olds, so I'm not even sure where I saw the ad. But something in my gut told me that this was a movie I needed to see. It was the first time I experienced...

Fertile Ground: Five Films For the Ecofeminist in You

Within the last several years, some great eco-themed movies have swirled about in theaters and Netflix queues. Both scripted and documentary, these films have been effective at conscious-raising and spreading the word to take action to heal our wilting planet. They cover some of the bases of our eco-crisis, but this is in no way a comprehensive list. It is only a sampler platter of the fine...