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Fertile Ground: Beauty Products and the Beast

In an effort to avoid as many chemicals as I can in our toxic world, I do my best to not put anything on my face that I couldn't put in my mouth. For many people, though, mainstream beauty products are standard items. According to a Bloomberg report, the average American woman uses about twelve health and beauty products on her face every morning. From formaldehyde in shampoo to lead...

Required Reading: Avert Your Eyes

Some will say that there are technical considerations—the quality of rendering, the beauty of the language, or the composition of the scene make a difference between obscene and not, porn and art.

Personally, whether it's prize-winning literature, a cheesy film, or a fashion spread, my impulse to name the obscene, to pick up a black marker or start scribbling protests in the margins,...

On Our Radar: Suing the Bachelor, Responding to GIRLS, and Rebooting Democracy

Here's what we've been reading this week:

  • Today is the 16th annual National Day of Silence, when students across the country vow to take a form of silence to call attention to the silencing effect of anti-LGBT bullying and harassment in schools.
  • Raw Story's Megan Carpentier writes about what getting a transvaginal ultrasound is really like. 
  • Julia Serano responds...

BitchTapes: Surf Sisters

What other musical genre has its own sport? Much like the water-based activity its named for, surf rock is often almost always played by men. This BitchTapes is devoted to women surf musicians, including my best friend, who not only surfs, but tremolo picks like she's Dick Dale's daughter. Listening to this why-can't-it-be-summer-yet summer mix, I hope you feel heat-induced calm, tidal...

Douchebag Decree: That Racist Swedish Cake and Everyone Who Had a Piece in It.

Like many, I find these images racist, repulsive, and anti-woman. But, because this cake was consumed at museum and not, (believe it or not) at a pathetic frat party, and this cake was conceived as performance art, we will discuss further.

Hot Streaming Action!: Watch the Feminist Porn Awards Live

The Feminist Porn Awards is staging its seventh annual awards ceremony tomorrow night, and for the first time ever, folks at home can watch the awards ceremony live-streaming at, so you can cheer for your favorite fisters, dirty-talkers, and filmmakers to take home the butt plug-shaped statuette. Girlzporn's editor-in-chief Alison Lee, a former organizer of the Feminist...

Why Everyone is Losing Their Shit Over the Magic Mike Trailer

The Internet echoed with the sounds of thumpa-thumpa strip club music as the trailer for Steven Soderbergh's hotly anticipated film Magic Mike hit the web last night. Why all the hype?

In case you were wondering.

Is Social Media the Final Visi(bi)lity Frontier?

I've spent the majority of this series discussing bisexual visibility (and lack thereof) in film and television. This isn't an accident—I'm a filmmaker and cinephile, so my passions and cultural points of reference tend to fall within the realm of audio-visual media. But these types of media have some significant flaws, the biggest one being that they tend to create isolating viewing...

End of Gender: Public (Trans)portation

When the TSA announced a new line of body scanners that were supposedly less-invasive, gender-nonconforming folks excitedly packed their bags.

But when a traveler prepares to be scanned, security staff must press one of two buttons: "blue" for "men" and "pink" for "women."

Fertile Ground: OCCUPY the Earth

I began as an urban gardener. Urban farming is imperative to cities, and I had thought my husband and I would eventually be urban farmers—but alas, that is not where life has taken us, and we currently rent land in a halfway suburb, one that straddles concrete city and corn-strewn country.