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Sm{art}: Hungry Eyeball's "Buzz"

"Buzz" is a current art show curated by Hungry Eyeball installed inside Tender Loving Empire, an impressively multi-tasking collective. "Buzz" contains works by five Portland, Oregon based artists: Chelsea Fletcher, Amy Ruppel, Rebecca Artemisa, Kinoko and Wesley Younie. Although it is too late to see Y La Bamba play an intimate show for the opening night (darn it!), it is...

Terry Richardson+Glee+GQ=Creepfest

File it under Gross Yet Unsurprising: Terry Richardson, the "creepy uncle" of douchebags has taken yet another misogynistic and off-putting set of photos of the cast of a teen show! Behold his treatment of Glee:

The male gaze? Why yes, we've heard of it. Why do you ask?

Political InQueery: Campaigns Going Negative

Politicians often promise the electorate, especially at the outsets of their campaigns, not to "go negative" or take pot shots at their opponents. We hear phrases like "issues oriented," "positive campaigning," and "bridging partisan divides." And behind the scenes, no matter the rhetoric, somebody, somewhere, is digging up dirt on the other side. But why? What is the appeal and effect of...

Tube Tied: Notes on Mad Men's Fourth Season

Mad Men's fourth season, which finished this past Sunday night, had a dualistic quality, it seemed to me. On the one hand, the season had some of the strongest episodes of the entire series—particularly "The Suitcase," which I wrote about in this space before. On the other, it had easily the worst, most blunt, least moving finale of all four seasons. It also signaled a sort of repetition in...

Music Matters: There's More Than One Way Of Knowing

I still haven't read Sara Marcus's book on Riot Grrl, Girls to the Front, but I did bring two friends down to a reading in NYC last night that featured Marcus, poet Rachel Eliza Griffiths, and Rob Sheffield. Marcus gave the most rock'n'roll reading I've ever heard for what's essentially a history book, though a vibrant, living history book built on having lived through that moment and...

Adventures in Feministory: Voltairine de Cleyre, Anarchist without Adjectives

Voltairine de Cleyre was an Anarchist thinker, lecturer, and writer. A contemporary of Emma Goldman's, she was known for her strength of will and commitment to the power of the individual. (Incidentally, she was also a total babe.) I wanted to write about de Cleyre for the obvious reason that she was a totally brilliant early feminist, but also because while Goldman, her colleague and...

Political InQueery: The Poverty of Citizenship

I had fully intended to take on the "everyone for themselves" quality of predicting election results, spending some time researching through the he said/he said (that's not a typo) of who will win the House and Senate when the smoke clears on November 3. And then German Chancellor Angela Merkel opened her mouth. What flew out was such a smelly stream of political diarrhea that I have to shift...

On Our Radar

Another week has come and gone, and we've got it covered. Here's what we've been reading over at Bitch HQ.

BitchTapes: Books!

Mmm...books! Autumn and books just seem to go hand in hand. This week's BitchTapes is a mix of musicians celebrating books in their songs or group names. Best enjoyed while stepping on crunchy leaves on the way to your local independent bookstore. Track list after the jump!

Grand Rounds: Dissecting Grey's Anatomy: Can't Fight Biology

This week on Grey's Anatomy, we went from fire poles to therapeutic worms, and everywhere in between. Will the doctors of Seattle Grace successfully reassemble their lives after the shooting? Is Cristina seeing the light at the end of the tunnel? Is Lexie feeling the bite of a green-eyed monster? And is Dr. Avery a sleazebag or what?! Is Frances Conroy cool or what?!