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Grand Rounds: Dissecting Grey's Anatomy: The Song Beneath the Song

It's the very special musical episode of Grey's Anatomy, and the Grand Rounds team has all kinds of thoughts about what happened this week! Whether you loved it or hated it, there was definitely a lot to talk about this week as the characters battled to save two of their own and came to some important relationship realizations.

Find out what we thought, and add your...

On Our Radar

Hello, hello! Ready for some thought-provoking links? I knew you were!

  • Today, in bad taste... anti-abortion group Life Always is comparing aborted fetuses to people killed by the earthquake in Japan. The always-astute ColorLines reports on the wrongheadedness of this tactic.
  • TransGriot writes about the importance of having trans* people in US cinema, and not just as...

Bitch YA Book Club: Sisters Red by Jackson Pearce

Welcome to our first Bitch YA Book Club! Today, Erin Blakemore asks Jennie Law, Ellen Papazian, and Jessica Stites what they thought about Sisters Red by Jackson Pearce. What did you think about this book? Add your own answers to Erin's questions (or come up with your own) in the comments section!

The Games We Play: Playing With Ashley Soriano

I had the wonderful pleasure of talking with Ashley Soriano, professional gamer, future game designer, and all-around swell gal. It was an interview that was so awesome I had to cut it in half and hope I will have time to post the rest in the future. Enjoy!

Ashley Soriano is a multiple-title first-person shooter competitive gamer. A frequent competitor within the Major...

Talk About MEN: a Q & A with JD Samson

After a year or so of touring with only three MP3s online, MEN's debut album, Talk About Body finally came out last month. From the heady opener "Life's Half Price" to the mesmerizing "Simultaneously," its tight electronic beats, smart feminist lyrics, and a non-stop urge to sing along and shake your body makes for a record that's as fun as it is thoughtful. Now you can catch...

SXSW Film: Bridesmaids Revisited

While in Austin for SXSW, Kjerstin and I saw the highly anticipated (and highly publicized—there were posters all over town) Bridesmaids, a new potential blockbuster comedy from Judd Apatow, directed by Paul Feig and written by Kristin Wiig and Annie Mumolo. As the title suggests, it's about a woman (Wiig) whose best friend (Maya Rudolph) asks her to be the Maid of Honor at her upcoming...

Swag Bucks, Now with Free Fat-Shaming!

I don't play many video or computer games (unlike, say, the amazingly knowledgeable Ouyang Dan) but I was recently thrilled when Swag Bucks, a search engine with which users earn free items, introduced their panel of games. Get store credit and entertain myself? Yes, please!

Sadly, the gift cards take some time to earn, while two of the new games' fat-shaming is immediate. Most...

From the Library: Get Ready for our Online YA Book Club!

Have you heard about our online YA book club? It starts this Friday! We'd like to introduce you to the five wonderful people who are going to be leading each of the book clubs.

The Games We Play: The Spirit Within

Now that I have showered some well-deserved praise on BioWare for Dragon Age II, and also engaged in the almost 60 hours that it took me to get to the bitter and mind-wrenchingly disturbing end, I have a few thoughts. For all of my waxing poetic about how fabulously progressive BioWare has been with their slick political messages and wiggling new ideas into the way we consume and play...

No Kidding: And If You Love Me, Let Me Go

Happiness is fluid, of course, but I've never been willing to bet two decades or more on the idea that maybe, eventually, an experience will be "good" for me. I'm not afraid of missing out on something by not having children. If anything, I'm afraid of the flip side, of having so many things to do in life that I'd never be able to balance it all. I feel lucky to live in a time and place,...