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Snarky's Cinemachine: Riding off into the sunset

"Snarky's Cinemachine" is riding off into the sunset for now, and I am honored and humbled by the engaged and supportive Bitch media readerships. Your comments have challenged, entertained and informed me. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here blogging. Thank you for creating a space for me and making me feel so welcome.

Political InQueery: Tipping Points

I refuse to be distracted by Phyllis Schlafly's latest misinformation campaign, nor will I be sucked into the increasing suspicions on Talking Points Memo that Michigan's Tea Party is in fact a front for Democrats who are trying to siphon votes away from GOP candidates this fall. No, I'm not going to fly like a mosquito into the bright blue light, because I have something else more important to...

Douchebag Decree: Girls Gone Wild and Jane Doe's jury of leers

When a jury basically says "you were asking for it" in legalese, you know it's bad. That's what Jane Doe heard when last week a St. Louis court that decided that "playing to the camera" meant revoking her right to privacy.

The Dating Game: The Three Date Rule

The "three-date rule" is stupid. So's the five-date rule, the six-month rule and any other rule that someone's told you should govern the time in your relationship that you choose to engage in physical intimacy. The problem is that, in sorting through all the messages of when you should or should not submit to what the other person apparently wants from the get-go, not enough people get around to...

Did the Lilith Fair Fail Because of Lady Gaga?!



Jon Caramanica opens his recent New York Times piece on the changing landscape of "girl pop" with something Lady Gaga yelled during her recent run at Madison Square Garden: "I hate the truth!"

Feelin' Pervy: GQ's "Pantless Saturdays"

As someone who is not only the world's biggest fan of Arrested Development (seriously, try me) but who has also dreamed of going on a date with Jason Schwartzman since his Rushmore and Phantom Planet days, I am struggling with this photo:

Snarky's Machine talks Action movies

If you enjoyed hearing Angelina Anderson, aka Snarky's Machine, talk about Dame Judie Dench starring in her own action movie, listen to this full interview that touches on race in film, James Bond, a remake of Wildcats, and more.

For more Snarky, check out her personal blog, I Fry Mine in Butter, Snarky's Cinemachine on Bitch (including her post on Dame Judi), and for all your office...

Talking Trash with Annie Leonard

Want to know the story behind the Story of Stuff? In this interview, Annie Leonard talks about how the original Story of Stuff came about, how she got into activism, the backlash she got for covering cap and trade from within the environmental movement, and why its important for celebrity activists to push the envelope. Check out The Story of Stuff website on the truth about cap and trade,...

Genderlicious: "I believe that I can support you, but also support people who hate you"

The Michigan Womyn's Music Festival is next week.

Having not grown up in North America and having taken a fairly circuitous route to feminism, the first time I ever heard of Michfest was about seven years ago in the Inga Muscio book Cunt, where Muscio talks about what a transformative experience it was to be completely surrounded by only women for a week. Then, a few years later,...

Snarky's Cinemachine: Evelyn Salt should smile more!

Cinematic depictions of spies devoid of engaging personalities are no novelty. In fact, with the exception of James Bond, more often than not, cinematic spies tend to provide more authenticity when they are not weighed down with personality traits at levels best left to proverbial used car salespeople and late night, television discount electronics peddlers