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BiblioBitch: Sisterhood Everlasting

*WARNING: Sisterhood Everlasting begins with a major, surprising event, and I discuss it in this review. Other potential spoilers are marked.*

It's always dicey when an author pushes a series past its logical conclusion. I met each YA sequel to The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants with skepticism, but all four of Ann Brashares' complex...

Buy This Print: Taste & Appetite! Delicious!

Now you can buy limited-edition prints of some of our favorite Bitch covers! To celebrate our 15th anniversary, we've got 15 archival giclee prints to choose from, all on high-quality, heavy watercolor paper, suitable for framing. Each print offers gorgeous photos, cool illustrations, nifty typography, and lots of color to perk up your living space. To show you what they look like in...

Political InQueery: The Fake Democrat Experiment Fails Miserably

Lots of people attempt to manage election laws; it happens all the time. We've seen it in vote-counting, with one side or the other suing their way into forced recounts after a close election. Of course there's "gerrymandering," named after a real Mr. Gerry, former Governor of Massachusetts, who passed the law that let legislators create serpentine voting districts in order to secure future...

B-Sides: The Warpaint Honeymoon is Over

This week's B-sides is in the flavor of "sad," unfortunately, in the way that finding out a band I loved last year has taken some missteps since then. I first wrote about Warpaint last November (see the previous link), where I caught a little flak about thinking they're pretty (heads up: still do) and also generated a thoughtful conversation about Native appropriation in the band's...

Spilled Milk: No, Everything You Do is Sexist

Yesterday, the California Milk Processor Board launched a new pro-dairy campaign based on the old premise that PMS turns women into insufferable turds. The message, directed at men, is that milk can ease a woman's PMS symptoms and is therefore good for her poor, put-upon (male) partner. Finally! An ad campaign that stereotypes women AND promises to make straight men's lives easier!

Cover Your Walls With a Cover of Bitch!

Bitch magazine turns fifteen this year (which is no small feat in today's publishing world!), and to celebrate, we're offering high-quality prints of fifteen of our favorite covers for sale online. There's a lot a beautiful artwork to choose from--which print is your favorite? Click through to vote!

Sexual Inadequacy: #MarcusBachmannIsSoGay

Last Thursday Twitter exploded with the news that House Republican Michele Bachmann, future failed Presidential hopeful, had signed "The Marriage Vow." The 14-point pledge was designed by Bob Vander Plaats of The Family Leader, a conservative Iowa hate tank that was responsible for recalling state supreme court justices who had ruled in favor of marriage equality. It includes several...

Stage Left: "Die, Vampire, Die!" Reflections on Self-Doubt and Advocacy Work.

The part of [title of show] that resonates most closely with me is probably the song I've included in this post—"Die Vampire, Die!". This song is, within the context of the show, about defeating doubts and obstacles to creative-sector work—writing, painting, singing. But I think the types of "vampires" spoken of in the lyrics are familiar to those of us doing advocacy work as well....

True Blood: A Werepanther Rape is Not a "Sex Scene"

Last night's episode of True Blood contained the usual outrageous plot twists and soap opera-levels of drama, which is great and which is why I (and probably you if you're reading this) look forward to summer Sunday nights. However, it also contained a totally fucked-up gang rape scene which the show's creators (and many media outlets) are calling anything but.

Adventures in Feministory: Betty Ford

Former First Lady Betty Ford passed away on Friday. She was 93 years old—the same age her late husband was when he passed five years ago. The mega media outlets are doing a decent albeit routine job in acknowledging Betty Ford's contributions to women's issues, health & social issues, and addiction issues. This entry, though, highlights her love of dance.