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In the Frame: Artemisia Gentileschi, the Artist Who Broke the Mold

My ultimate empowered female art heroine is a woman who made a career for herself long before the word "feminist" was in use. Artemisia Gentileschi (1593-1652/3) is a force to be reckoned with, taught by her father Orazio and following in the footsteps of fellow Italian, Caravaggio. She stood out not only because of her incredible talent, but also the obstacles she overcame in her personal...

The H-Word: "This is how hookers die."

"Sometimes it was very sexy and sometimes I was attracted to the person and sometimes I had great sex. And sometimes I was just going through the motions and it was neither good nor bad. And sometimes it was really unpleasant and I just got through it."

TRIGGER WARNING: The following story includes a description of a sexual assault. 

Mom & Pop Culture: Occupy Sesame Street! How Not To Lose Your Activist Spirit

Fighting for social justice doesn't need to stop when you give birth. In fact, in my opinion, we should fight even harder if we have to raise a kid or two in this world. Also, by continuing our activism postpartum, we'll set kick-ass examples for our children. It's win-win all around.

FFF Fest: Day 2!

Saturday at Fun Fun Fun Fest felt like pictures you see of mud-soaked supermodels at Glastonbury Festival in England, except for the rain. And the supermodels. So mostly it was just windy and dusty. But that didn't stop us from seeing a couple of great acts!

FFFFest: Friday Wrap-Up

One day down at Austin's Fun Fun Fun Fest! Check out coverage on YACHT, the Heartless Bastards, and the Thermals after the jump.

Bitchtapes: Fun Fun Fun Fest

Bitch is going to be at Austin's Fun Fun Fun Fest this weekend, covering some fantastic female and queer-fronted bands playing on Auditorium Shores.

There's a large amount of great electronic pop, from bigger indie acts like (Lykke Li, Blonde Redhead, YACHT) and some lesser-known but promising artists (MNDR, Grimes, Keep Shelley in Athens), in addition to some great rock (Lemuria, The...

Tell Us Your Favorite Feminist Twitters!

The Short: Leave us comments with your favorite feminist/Bitch related Twitter accounts!

The Long: We're putting together feminist Twitter reccomendations for our readers. There's no way our high-tech-feminist-radar-supercomputer could find all of the good Twitters, so we need your help! We want writers, blogs, media producers, personalities (Feminist Hulk, anyone?) or anyone...

On Our Radar

The blogs will never stop!

  • Feministe points us to a New York Times piece on the 7 billion-person milestone and the importance of birth control...
  • ...and the Crunk Feminist Collective reminds us that the majority of consumption is done by the western world, not by "brown people" in population-dense countries.
  • The XX factor looks at a NY Times...

In the Frame: Valie Export's 1972 Manifesto, Nearly 40 years On

In 1972 the artist Valie Export wrote a manifesto, simply called "Women's Art." She went on to become a key figure in the feminist art movement and her words inspired many people, but I wanted to see how far we've come since then and what we can do to progress even further in liberating ourselves through art, and getting it recognized by the mainstream.

Bringing Up Baby: 1987's Baby Boom VS. 2010's Life as We Know It

Welcome to the twenty-first century. Are either of these films accurate or comprehensive portrayals of their time? Not even remotely. But they reflect cultural attitudes surrounding women, motherhood, and work, and the putrefied trope of Heigl's character didn't exist in 1987. Heigl and Keaton's characters are analogous as white-controlling-educated-women-who-have-careers-plus-family, and the...